Saturday, July 6, 2024

Big Gushu Qi: 2017 Green Mark Guo Gan

I remember having a really good blind session with a free sample of the 2019 Guo Gan sent from Paolo of a few years ago.  They ended up offering this 2017 Green Mark Guo Gan for approx $205.00 for 400g cake or $0.51/g.  This was a free sample for review…

Dry leaves have a dry sweet forest odour.

First infusion has a vibrant pungent spice forest taste.  There is a watery spicy taste with a sticky mouthfeel.  Spacy high begins.

Second infusion has a talc sweet berries taste with a salty finish.  Sticky mouthfeel and squeaky teeth.  Slight pucker.  Faint taste of pumpkin, spice, sugar.  Spacy strong  escape high. Strong space out Qi hits me hard.

Third infusion has cooled just a bit and has lime bitter sweet taste almost Carmel faint glimpses. The caramel is faint but lingers into the aftertaste. Big spacy high feeling. Limbs heavy feeling in body.

Fourth infusion has a bitter woody lime salty onset there is some faint caramel emerging in the aftertaste. Sticky mouthfeel with pucker. Very spacy high feeling with heavy limbs is a nice quality Qi feeling. The taste is a bit awkward here. Can feel it a bit on my empty stomach too.

Fifth infusion has a creamy caramel bitterness woody bland taste.  Very akward stage in its aging right now.  Cool breath and squeaky feeling in mouth.  A bit hard on my empty stomach.  Spacy night with light limbs but a bit distended stomach from the mild bitter astringency.  Sort of spicy warming spice aftertaste.

Sixth infusion has a watery sweet onset with an almost bitter bland floral dry taste.  Some wet feel over a sticky dry feeling face flush and deep sigh with spacy feeling.  Cool breath. 

7th has a watery juicy fruity oily taste not so much sweet but sort of buttery floral with cool breath.  Spacy high.

8th has a bland watery sweet taste with a sticky dry mouth deep spacy high with heavy limbs… 

I put the spent leaves in a long thermos infusion it’s fresh lime and melon oily and sandy.  Big qi very tasty here with hints of coco.  Qi really took me somewhere today!

This one is about the big Qi…. It seemed I liked the 2019 Guo Gan maybe a bit better than this one… not sure…

Alex (Tea Notes) Tasting Notes



Alex said...

That's a nice one - liked it too! And very good value for the price :-)

Matt said...

Hi Alex,

I was trying to sample this one before reading your notes!

Ok now I have read it and put a link to your notes. Thank you for reminding me!