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1999-2003 Mr Chen’s JiaJi Green Mark

This 1999-2003 Mr Chen’s JaiJi Green Ink sample came free with the purchase of the 1999 Mr Chen Daye ZhengShan MTF Special Order.  I didn’t go to the site so blind to the price and description and tried it after a session of the ZhongShan MTF Special Order…

Dry leaves have a dry woody dirt faint taste.

Rinsed leaves have a creamy sweet odour.

First infusion has a sweet watery onset there is a return of sweet woody slight warm spice. Sweet, simple, watery and clean in this first infusion.

Second infusion has a sweet watery simple woody watery sweet taste.  Slight woody incense and slight fresh fruity taste.  Cooling mouth.  Sweet bread slight faint candy aftertaste. Slight drying mouthfeel.

Third infusions has a woody dry wood onset with a dry woody sweet kind of taste.  The return is a bready candy with sweet aftertaste.  Tastes faintly like red rope licorice.  Dry mouthfeeling now. Somewhat relaxing qi.  Mild but slight feel good feeling. Mild Qi feeling.

Fourth infusion is left to cool and is creamy sweet watery with a faint background wood and even faint incense.  Simple sweet clean tastes. Thin dry mouthfeel. 

Fifth infusion is a slight creamy sweet watery slight woody simple sweet pure tasting.  left to cool is a creamy sweet some lubricant watery sweetness.

Sixth has an incense creamy sweet talc woody creamy more full sweetness initially. Creamy sweetness watery mild Qi. Enjoyable and easy drinking puerh.

Seventh has a sweet woody leaf watery taste with an incense woody watery base.  The mouthfeel is slightly dry and qi is pretty mild and agreeable.

Eighth infusion is a woody watery sweet with subtle incense warm spice.  Mild dry mouthfeel.  

Ninth infusion has a woody incense onset with sweet edges.  Dry flat mouthfeel and mild qi.

Tenth I put into long mug steepings… it has a dirt woody bland slight bitter taste… not much for sweetness anymore.

Overnight infusion has a watery bland, slight dirt, slight sweet insipid taste.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward dry stored aged sheng. Sweet woody incense taste with mild dry and mild relaxing feel good qi.  On a busy day at work I appreciated its steady aged simplicity.  I go to the site and look at the price and description and I couldn’t really agree more.  The price is a bit lower than I thought and the description is dead on!

Vs 1999 Mr Chen’s Daye ZhengShan MTF Special Order-  despite coming from the same collector, being both dry stored, and being the same approx age these are very different puerh.  The MTF special order is much more complex in taste, very very sweet and has much more powerful space out Qi. This JaiJi Green ink is satisfying enough but not so fancy complex or mind-bending. It’s more of an aged dry storage drinker.

After a session of the 1999 Mr Chen Daye ZhengShan I did a back to back with 2001 Naked Yiwu from TeasWeLike but they are also completely differ puerh… the Nake Yiwu was much more condensed, present, and powerful in taste with sweet tastes, resin wood, and smoke incense.  It’s more aggressive and forward and feels less aged than the 1999 ZhengShan MTF Special Order but in the same way it can be more satisfying especially for the price which seems like a pretty good deal.  I suppose all three of these are good value dispite the totally different vibes of each.

Pictured is Left 2001 Naked Yiwu from TeasWeLike, Middle 1999 Mr Chen’s Daye ZhengShan MTF, Right 2001-1999 Me Chen’s JiaJi Green Ink. 


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