Monday, October 2, 2023

Puerist Blind Dragonball Samples Intro

 About a year and an half ago Mark Turner of Puerist sent me a complimentary sample bag with a handful of dragonballs. He suggested I guess the puerh areas of these samples by looking at the initials and dates hand written on the wrapper’s corner.

This week, in an attempt to shake off my tea evaluation rust that has undoubtably formed over the last year’s absence of sampling, I even went a step further.  I never looked at the wrapper at all and simply opened the wrapper, took the ball out, and dropped it into the Thermos for steeping.  Only after the session was done, my notes taken, and my poor guess at date and area recorded, did I try to decode the actual date and area by looking at the wrapper.  Then I had Mark Turner reveal what the initials stood for.  I knew I was saving these balls for a reason… haha… Sounds fun enough…

I used the same brewing perimeters 20 second rinse in thermos, followed by 20 second first steep, 15 sec 2nd, 10sec 3rd, 5 second 4th, flash steeping remaining until spent then long overnight thermos.

Please join me for some self deprecating fun in these next posts! As I try to get back into shape…


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