Sunday, November 19, 2023

2005 CNNP Blue Mark: Interesting Enough Complexities


This 2005 CNNP Blue Mark is from the a Malaysian Dry Natural Storage Colours of Malaysia Quarter Cake Set from TeasWeLike.  It also is being
offered as a stand alone 357g cakes for $188.00 or $0.52/g.  I found it a bit unique, complex, and interesting.

Dry leaf has a dry distant woody odour and seems to be cover in a fine white dust I’m not sure if it’s the wrapper or mould?  Either way doesn’t stop me…

First infusion has a creamy sweet watery almost woody taste in a wet mouthfeel.  There is a faint powdery talc creamy sweetness throughout.  The mouthfeel is wet but has a bit of fine silty dryness.

Second has a woody teak woody onset with a creamy sweet layer underneath.  The sweetness is the talc creamy almost cherry.  The sweetness returns  almost grape and the mouthfeel has a bit of pucker but very faintly.  Nice grape sweetness into the throat.  There is a silty mouthfeel and open throat.  With a stick roof and gums.  Nice slowing Qi.

Third infusion has a woody creamy talc sweetness with a silty gripping mouthfeel.  There are subtle almost trap sweet notes when swallowing in the throat.  Senses are a touch more sensitive with a bit of slow motion Qi.

Fourth infusion has a bit of a smoky woody watery onset with less talc sweetness hardly any now.  There is a bit of bitterness and a flatter slight gripping mouthfeel.  Teeth, gums, roof feel squeaky dry. A bit sense enhancing. 

5th has a water woody slight talc creamy sweetness.  There is a silty dry mouthfeel with a bit gripping.  I take a sigh with subtle soft sense enhancements.

6th is a watery talc woody creamy sweet.  Dry woody slight sweet finish.  Dry silty finish.  Deep sighs with visual acuity heightened.  

7th is a good 30 min steeping.  It comes out woody and silty not sweet not bitter but smooth with a faint incense finish.

8th is an overnight Thermos steeping and is oily slippery with a viscous sweetness and subtle woody taste.  The sweetness has a sugary almost pastry taste to it.  Nice an oily feeling.

This is pretty easy to drink with a nice smoothness to it and Qi that is much better than standard factory fare.  It has a bit of mind slowing and sense enhancements Qi.  The mouthfeel is really good with four different stimulations playing out in the mouth- squeaky gums and roof, silty texture, and nice mouthwatering oily viscus and some mild throat gripping stimulating.  The sweetness is similarly complex with a talc creamy sweetness, grape like returning sweetness and a pastry sugar sweetness in the overnight steepings.  The thickness and pastry taste reminds me of ManZhuan.  For the price this interesting blend has lots to offer and I had a great time with it!  Thinking about testing out a full cake in the speed test.

Edit Nov27/23: I had this one a few weeks later and it has this nice bitter coco and lubricating feeling.  It reminds me lots of 7542 504… I should compare these.


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