Thursday, August 4, 2022

2022 Tea Encounter Spring Release

 For the last five summers Tiago of Tea Encounter has sent me his latest Spring release of puerh for review on this very blog.  So every year I indulge in the freshest of puerh during the hottest season and I am happy.

Every year there seems to be something new to report from Tea Encounter- most often some improvement or change.  This year it is a new website and warehouse based in Kunming. It’s a good move as I think the Kunming storage will do the type of Tea Encounter sells well as the years pass.  It will also give us buyers quick and direct access to Tea Encounter’s puerh.  It removes some of the shipping costs and import fees, I’m sure.

What about the 2022 Spring puerh releases?  This year Tea Encounter released 10 puerh under their Tea Encounter label.  Five of these we have seen in the past From Tea Encounter which include the 2021 Tea Encounter Yiwu Guoyoulin,   2020 Tea Encounter Chawangshu (Xiao shu), 2019 Tea Encounter Laos Gushu, 2021 & 2020 Tea Encounter Lao Man E. This year’s release most definitely has more budget options with mid aged trees selected, some blends of fringe Yiwu/ border areas, and lots of xiao Shu selections keeping the prices lower.  Even the Gushu releases are on the cheaper end of Gushu with none of the over the top Chawangshu Gushu or Chaping Gushus of the last two years. I’m excited to try these… please join me….



Travis said...

Maybe I'll check out some of their teas sometime.

Thanks for sharing.

Matt said...


Please join me as I review Tea Encounter’s 2022 line up!

Much peace