Friday, June 3, 2022

Older BiYun Hao Overview (So Far)

 In my introduction to the release of these older BiYun Hao I hammed it up about why these were not released any sooner.  All joking aside, I much appreciate the release of the 2004-2006 BiYun Hao Yiwu and Manzhuan.  I’m even more appreciative because they offer these in quarter cakes so we didn’t have to break the bank on full cakes or didn’t have to make a decision on one cake.

It is also amusing to me that these same 6 cakes were organized into a sample set over 5 years ago by Pedro.  Marco even did an excellent post on them.  Five years later these samples have returned in some iteration.  I only managed to pick up 3 of the 6.  Not sure if I will purchase my favourite cake? Or maybe the other 3 quarter cakes? Or maybe just sit with these 3?  Not sure… the price of these are definitely not low… Below is my ranking of the three I purchased.

1- 2005 BiYun Hao Yiwu- powerful otherworldly space defying qi sensations! Long elegant evolution of ethereal tastes.  Reminiscent of good modern Yiwu Gushu. What’s not to love???

2- 2004 BiYun Hao Yiwu- a powerful, very layered kick of complexity and power, strong energized Qi feeling and excellent counter point to the 2005 above. Feels like something between modern Gushu and factory-like Gushu in a way. Probably why I enjoyed it enough to get another quarter!

3- 2005 BiYun Hao Manzhuan- a bit of smoke, a bit of elegant fruity.  The faint smoke adds a bit of depth and interesting balance to an otherwise fruity, syrupy, sweet thick taste.  Chest beating qi with energetic focusing.


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