Thursday, April 29, 2021

Wistaria Puerh Ranked/ Overview

I am grateful to have received some of these top picks from the Wistaria Tea House which I really enjoyed sampling this winter.  In this post I will simply rank them in order of enjoyment not considering price with a brief statement about their old school cred…

1-      2003 Wistaria Zipin Tuo- highest old school cred out of these samples with a distinct old school processing and feeling mixed with a bit of factory feeling, the qi and bodyfeelings are substaitial, this one is widely thought to be the best of the bunch by many others… and I concur.

2-      2007 Wistaria Lanyin –This is very bitter and ehas a very strong Qi and bodyfeeling, overall a strong puerh in an old school sense but produced more in line with newer processing, very clean and spacious tastes, this puerh is all about the Qi that takes you places

3-      2007 Wistaria Hongyin- very muich a new factory style that we saw coming out of China at this time, this purerh is all about the very complex layered sweet taste experience with stronger Qi layered in.

4-      2003 Wistaria Qingteng- has a strong robust Qi sensation and a compartmentalized dry stored sweet and pond taste.  Not much old school feeling here other than the Qi sensation maybe.

5-      2006 Wistaria Taihe Maocha-produced in more of a way leaning to modern gushu type productions this is a really enjoyable puerh with a very interesting mouth numbing feeling.

The prices of these, like many other Taiwanese Botique puerh vendors, is strongly controlled by the vendor and the prices of these are of good value for what you get compared to other things out there these days.  I think mainly you have to be alright with the dry storage of these puerh.  All of these are pretty enjoyable for me and I think it’s completely possible that I do a purchase of many of the above cakes and put them to a speed test to find out which I really prefer… they are all so enjoyable, I really don’t know which would come out on top…


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