Sunday, April 5, 2020

2020 white2tea Umbrella: Support Our Puerh Vendors

Oh Baby! …. Paul just pulled off the ultimate… I love this stuff…

Okay the night before Paul of white2tea dropped this gift on us (who ever said he doesn’t know how to give a gift?) I was listening to a CBC radio program.  On the show they had on a marketing and business consultant.  He was asked the question, How can businesses actually market during this time or should they just wait it out?  His answer: the business that actually take the most risk and do free no strings attached will stand to benefit the most at this turbulent time.  He said because people generally understand the risk and sincerity of the offer the businesses stand to be more loyal when times are good.

At a time when the government won’t allow me to work, I had also decided to do free starting as soon as I could no longer work.  I am doing this because it is the right thing to do, it will maintain my business, and feel that it will pay off big time down the road.  Great minds think alike… hahhah

Paul’s free was in an offer of a completely free cake with free shipping.  It was pressed from 2015 Manghai character, sweet and smooth maocha which he had personally stored and was saving for a rainy day.  Check out the email I received…

Wow! This is amazing stuff and I’m glad Paul went for the home run… very classy and top notch!  It really is the proverbial "win-win".

Although I saw the email early, I decided to not buy one of these.  It would have really brought me a lot of joy, for sure, to have received one.  But I decided to leave these for others who need it more because, like I have been saying, I have way too much tea anyways.  And I took advantage of the last two years Snoozefest cakes rather liberally anyways.  And I hope to support vendors, perhaps including white2tea, this spring if things get better on that front for me personally.  And I decided that I would simply write a good post about how, if we are able to, we should support our puerh vendors at this time, regardless which one it is- white2tea, Yunnan Sourcing, The Essence of Tea, ect… 

So yeah… you should do that if you can… and if not at least we had 2020 white2tea Umbrella.


(from someone who still has a hard time accepting gifts)

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