Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Why People Really Stop Buying Puerh

As regular readers of this blog probably already know, I am likely getting to the point of acquiring enough puerh.   I hesitate in saying “too much” because is there really such thing as “too much puerh”?  Hahaha... yes there is....

I have had a bit of free time to better organize the mass of puerh I have acquired mainly over the last 3 years and realize I must slow down.  I think I have done quite well with very few regrets.  I started organizing things in the summer here and there and this led me to put to a halt to my cake sampling (not withstanding a few exceptions usually in single cake orders to off set the shipping).  This has also allowed me to sample more widely which I am enjoying and can be seen as my sampling of Yunnan Sourcing brand puerh this summer.

I have been told that, of course, having more puerh than you think you might consume is reason enough to stop buying.  Interestingly, those old puerh drinkers tell me that the real reason they stopped buying puerh is because they already have a bunch of puerh AND they no longer have the time, energy, and/ or money to dedicate to sampling extensively in search of a larger purchase that is of value for the price they are paying.  Another reason they site is that paying the current prices are too hard to swallow.  Of course, many mention that they no longer have the room to store puerh but this is more of a general statement of interior design esthetics than truly not enough space.

These people are generally doing four things...

1-rationing out their stash and completely stop buying

2-sampling only. which is often done to compare to the collection they already own

3- buying a single cake a year often rather spontaneously to support a vendor they enjoy or a cake they find particularly interesting

4- buying a larger quantity of a single production every few years or so that is recommended by a certain blogger or word of mouth/ general popularity ( a few people have emailed about this one)

I find it interesting that people stop not simply because they have too much and I wonder which of the above four categories I will fall into over the next few years?

Which one will you or have you fallen into?



Karl said...


I am currently down to 2 and 3 but may be moving more to 1 over the next few years. I have a good sense how my stash compares to available premium selections and I am mostly supporting some vendors I appreciate. I suspect this year will see me barely purchase anything (new or aged.)


Matt said...


Your comments on TeaDB and Death By Tea were bit of an inspiration for this blog post! You just don’t have a blog to link too.. hahaha

Please let us know which cake is the one to make you blink.