Saturday, December 14, 2019

You Can Make Your Own Chen Pi!!!

Pictured above is the Chen Pi that I had prepared 12 or 13 years ago.  It’s pretty simple to do really.  Traditionally they would use Asian varieties of tangerine most of which you can find at the grocery store or Asian grocer.  I suppose western varieties would be similar but not exactly the same.

You peel it when the skin is at its most fragrant, eat the yummy fruity citrus flesh, and sundry the peelings.  It is recommended that you intermittently spray or mist the peelings with water as to trap in the aroma and prevent the volatility of the oils from evaporating.  This is especially relevant at climates with intense heat.

After they are sufficiently dry you can wrap them in this traditional way using standard herbalist wrappings.  This is a little over 150g of Chen Pi that I have aging here.  I haven’t decided if I will drink alone, within herbal formula, or with puerh.... maybe in another 10 years...


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