Saturday, June 22, 2019

Rappers Release Diss Tracks, Puerh Vendors Release Diss Wrappers

I have been deeply meditating about white2tea’s use of wrappers to address critics such their “Snoozefest” and “Is a Gift” productions.  I have come to the conclusions that they are in many ways like a rapper’s diss track.  In the hip-hop community they use the highest from of their art to refute a commonly held criticism and direct it to the person who made that critique.  This is, in many ways, similar to the way in which white2tea releases diss- wrappers.

Unlike a rappers diss track, Paul of white2tea always responds full of gang-busting positivity.  I love this.  What is the point of being combative or defensive?  You end up looking worse for it.  But, of course, you don’t just want to lay down on the road and let people run over your brand, your rep, your art, your tea.  I think this method of addressing critics is especially powerful because it uses the summation of the art of producing tea, the totality of Paul of white2tea’s talents and skill set, to present a response to a critique.
Paul’s affinity towards hip-hop culture, that is apparent in the naming of his cakes (the 2015 line up is particularly filled with hip hop references), makes this a really authentic and creative method of refuting criticism.  I have great respect for Paul and the white2tea brand and the puerh that he produces because I feel that Paul is an artist who truly uses his full skill set of marketing background, lover of puerh, fine arts background, and love music and hip hop culture.  He directs his full energy into the tea he produces.  To drink a tea that someone takes great thought and energy into producing, is to know that person deeply.   The end result is a modern incarnation of what it means to say “The Art of Tea”.


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