Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Drinking Aged Puerh, Drinking Memories

When we drink aged puerh we are imbibing not only the teabut all the memories associated with it.  Puerh tea is an aged tea.  Our experience with it has a definite start point, when we first acquired and tried the tea, and a definite end point, when we have completely finished the cake, brink, tuo, or tong.  In between our sense of taste and smell, our tactile senses of our mouth, and the feeling of qi in our body and mind are tethered to every experience with that particular puerh.

They say our sense of taste and smell is closely intertwined with our long term memory.  These connections are wired together along with what we were doing at moment in space and time.

Every time we drink pureh we are building a story, adding to these experiences, storing them.  Along with the experiences of puerh, we are attaching our life’s experiences.

When we dig out an old puerh cake, the puerh allows us to sensually access the memories, sensations, and life experiences (not just tea experiences) stored along with it.

In this way, when we are drinking aged puerh we are, in fact, drinking our memories of times long ago.  At the same time we are depositing new life memories in that moment in time as well.


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