Saturday, January 27, 2018

2017 Yunnan Sourcing Blinded Puerh Tasting Event Epsilon & Zeta


The loose hairy small dry leaves smell of an almost metallic pungent odour with a touch of creamy sweetness.

The first infusion has a very intensely creamy cotton candy sweetness in the initial taste which swells in the mouth.  The profile is very pure and clean and sweet.  The mouthfeel is fluffy and slightly sticky.  There is a slight taste of hay or straw in the background and a mild returning coolness.

The second infusion has almost an orchid floral honey like sweetness with the floral note dominating here.  The fragrant sweetness is heavy in the full cottony slight stickiness of the mouth and throat.  The hay note has disappeared to these strong dominant sweet florals.  They linger for some time in the throat.  The lips become sticky and full.

The third infusion has a less intense floral sweetness but it is still strong and dominant.   It has a rain-foresty taste initially as well which plays out through the profile.  The mouthfeel becomes fuller and lightly grainy with that cotton feeling predominating.

The fourth has a creamy floral vanilla almost metallic initial taste with the floral creamy candy like sweetness still dominating here.  There are hints of mild dry wood and metallic taste in the base profile of this tea.  The aftertaste pumps the sweetness up again, it crests, and then recedes slowly like a wave.

The fifth infusion is more forest in initial taste then an orchid sweetness builds.  In the aftertaste it is almost cotton candy like in taste and expands on the full and grippy mouthfeel and throatfeel.  The mid throat is opened up by this sensation.  The profile feels very natural and harmonious.  The qi of this one is nicely relaxing and makes the head and shoulders feel light.

The sixth infusion starts off with pungent forest notes which keeps the pungency but turns sweet quickly.  The sweet taste crests throughout the profile and develops a cotton candy like feel to it.  This infusion is much the same as the fifth.

Seventh has a burst of pungent sweetness and florals.  These tastes are dominant over rain forest like tastes.  The first signs of light fruitiness appears and disappears in the start of the aftertaste.

The eighth has a strong pungent initial taste with sweetness under the pungent.  This spiciness seems to be the dominating flavor in the last two infusions.   The sweetness lasts longer than the pungent in the aftertaste which carries on for quite some time.  The mouthfeel is back to being more cottony now.  The qi continues to mildly relax.

Ninth is more watery now in its taste and carries barely pungent creamy sweetness with a bland forest taste as the base taste now.  The aftertaste continues to be the most interesting of the profile as creamy floral sweetness is left along to linger.  The qi is not overly strong but relaxing and slightly floating.  The body sensation is light and airy.  The wet leaves are small and slightly more stems.

The tenth infusion 10 seconds are added to the flash steeping and it brings out more of the pungent sweetness and more full sweet taste throughout the profile.

The eleventh 25 seconds are added to the flash steeping and a slightly metallic pungent sweet note is fading but present.  The twelfth 30 seconds are added and it tastes and feels much the same but with less sweetness.

This tea is put into a few days long steeping.

I am a bit unsure about what area this tea could be but my best guess is Yibang.  I believe that the sample in question is this 2017 Yunnan Sourcing Brand Autumn Yibang.


Opening this sample reveals that this is a shu puerh!  Quicker than the musty, mossy, shu puerh dry leaf odour hits me, I am convinced this must be the very popular Chinese Zodiac shu puerh that Yunnan Sourcing is quite famous for!  This year it is the 2017 Yunnan SourcingRooster King.

My wife quite enjoys a good shu puerh so I decided to puerh mug this shu with her instead of doing one of my conventional reviews.  The mugs were a wedding gift made by a famous local potter and are very dry feeling like the air in the prairies.

We enjoy the thick, viscous and warming energy of this multifaceted shu on this cold Canadian mid-winter day.  The taste nicely evolves and is much more than many monotone tastes but is rather cohesive and full in flavor for a shu.  It has a nice oily mouthfeeling which feels especially satisfying on these cold dry days.  This is a very good and satisfying shu puerh and I now understand why it is so popular in Western puerh circles.

Well that’s all 6 teas blind tasted.

Thanks to Scott at Yunnan Sourcing for offering these teas for the blind tasting and all the bloggers out there who participated.  I look forward to reading may more posts of this blind testing over the next few weeks by some of the other bloggers out there.


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