Thursday, April 13, 2017

MattCha's Blog's Many Accomplishments... Horay!

The Old MattCha's Blog was started at a time with very little English knowledge about:

1- Korean tea history and written classics

2- the various types of Korean teas and their production

3- where to purchase Korean teas

4- Korean teawear

English information on Korean tea history and classics was changed dramatically in 2007 with Brother Anthony's book Korean Way of Tea, it was further advanced in 2011 with the publication of Korean Tea Classics, and new and important insights were added in 2012 with the publication in Transactions by Brother Anthony and Steven Owyoung.  The readers of MattCha's Blog held a book club on Korean Tea Classics to celebrate this introduction of knowledge!

Korean green teas and other types of Korean teas are featured throughout this blog and the production is outlined here.

An extensive list of Korean tea vendors is published on MattCha's Blog (I better update this).

Korean teawear is also featured throughout and can be viewed with this label here.

Overall, MattCha's Blog gives a complete picture of Korean tea culture.

However, as is popular in Korea, the blog also features many posts on other teas.  This is especially true of raw puerh from Yunnan, and Japanese matcha.

Many people are very surprised when they ask me what my favorite tea is... (any guesses?)...



Unknown said...

Hi Matt! I'm a tea enthusiast who lives in Korea and actually your blog has definitely helped me and is still helping me to learn more and more about Korean tea!

I'm already planning a trip to 하동군 when I can! (No idea when as I am also quite busy) and hope to meet some tea enthusiasts in the area. I live up nearby Seoul so I've been spending my free time finding cafes and perusing insadong too! Thanks for the blogging!

Matt said...

Joe Wood,

You will love the charms of Hadong! I hope you make it there soon (the most exciting time is right now). It is actually still a very small scale and quite natural tea producing area.