Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yunnan Sourcing Tasting Event Beta (2013 Yunnan Sourcing Yinxiang)

This is another tasting from the Yunnan Sourcing/ Half-Dipper Tasting Event that was held so so long ago...

The dry leaves are a mix of whites, browns, greens, light and dark. They emit an odour of creamy, rich, sweet fruity notes with a fluffy penetrating odour.

First infusion tastes of sweet creamy full tastes flaked by strong smoky odours. There is an underlying juicy fruity taste. The mouthfeel is full in the front mouth and gives off mainly a smokey aftertaste with some plumy notes hiding under.

The second infusion tastes of sweet pear and plumb. There are still smoky tastes but they linger more in the back throat. The taste is a bit flat and bland saliva pools just slightly in the upper throat even though not much of a throatfeel is noticed.

The third infusion is a mild, slight flat but nicely fruity taste of sweet plumbs and distant florals. The sweet taste hogs much of the profile despite its slightly monotone taste. The dominating fruity taste echos in the mouth minutes later.

The fourth infusion is much the same with long monotone sweet fruity notes. There is still some smoke in there as well. Now woody notes pop up there and the mouthfeel becomes slightly drier. The fruit tastes become clearer in the aftertaste which now shares room with light woody tastes.

In the sixth infusion offers nice fruity tastes with still that same base of smoke. The fruit tastes become more tropical in the aftertaste bananas and papaya tastes.

The seventh is sweet, slightly spicy, but mainly light and fruity. There is a slight woody base and slightly expanse aftertaste.

Guess: Forgot to write guess in tasting notes
Actual: 2013 Yinxiang (it seems to be currently unavailable)


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