Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korean Tea Exhibition

Just wanted to inform any interested readers that The Tea Institute at Penn State is hosting a five day long Korean Tea Exhibition. Some heavyweights of Korean tea will be presenting which include Brother Anthony of Taize, Steven Owyoung, and Hong Kyeoung-Hee all of which are authors of The Korean Way of Tea and/or Korean Tea Classics. The Penn State Tea Institute is the same group that brought Stephane of Teamaster's Blog and author Tea Parker to Penn State last year (see here).

The exhibition runs from April 3rd-8th and will offer many events that are free to the public. Those interested should contact Jason Cohen, the president of the institute, for details at



Anonymous said...

Hi Matt
I live about 2 hrs away from state college and am planning on attending the exhibition. I Am mainly a drinker of roasted Yancha Pu-erh and aged oolong. So I was wondering if you could recomend one or two different Quality korean teas to kinda get me started. So I at least have some Idea what they are talking about.

I have wanted to make the trip down there since I discovered their Existence last year when Tea Parker and Mr Erler made there appearance last year.

Matt said...


That's great that you can make it! By the sounds of it you drink more heavier, darker, and deeper teas. Think that you may really enjoy Korean Balhyocha. Below are some places that offer two kinds of balhyocha:

If you want to place a single order but try two classic but very different balhyocha try placing an order with CoreaColor in France. They carry both Jukro's Balhyocha and WoonSang's Gaya Cha. Ju can speak English so don't be intimidated by all the French, the prices for these teas are around Korean shelf prices.

Many Korean tea drinkers really enjoyed this year's Jukro's Tong E Cha and Kim Jong Yeol's Sunrise Balhyocha which can both be purchased from Martin at TeaMountain in Czech (he also can speak good English).

If you want some local shipping options Pedro of Dao tea offers 2010 & 2009 versions of Kim Jong Yeol and Kim Shin Ho's Balhyocha and Sam of Good Green Tea also offers two balhyocha which one has not tried but will be reviewed on MattCha's Blog in the coming weeks- a balhyocha from SsangKye and the other from Hankook Teas.

If you are looking for Korean green tea the options are vast. See this list for details:


GN? said...

I ordered from coreacolor. They where great, and had fast shipping. I love the cocoa aroma of the uricha, and Gayacha is very interesting. I think I am having trouble brewing the juk chungjak 'Larmes de bambou' as I really only have experience with chinese greens and not much.

I have just started a blog focusing on aged tea and gushu pu-erh.
Check it out and let me know what you think. I am new to this. So I would be grateful for any advice from you.


Matt said...


Your blog looks great- hope to read more! One actually consumes just as much puerh tea and hei cha as Korean tea but you would never guess by reading this blog. Hahaha

You decided on Coreacolor, great service and great prices on classic Korean teas- you can't go wrong there. Will you post these teas on your puerh based blog? If not, feel free to post your impressions of these teas here on MattCha's Blog.

As far as Jokro's Jungjak goes, it should be steeped with boiling water that has cooled slightly, more leaf = more taste from these jungjak grade leaves.