Monday, December 19, 2011

Korean Tea Pages New and Old

Before there were any English books on Korean tea, or even mention of Korea in tea books, there were two really great sources of Korean tea information in English. In fact, in 2007, before MattCha's Blog even existed, these two sources were pretty much the only English information of Korean tea info on the internet. This information was in the form of web pages authored by Anthony of Taize and David Mason. Over the years they have significantly updated these sites to include a growing amount of Korean tea information and are still excellent free sources by two knowledgeable and kind pioneers of Korean tea culture in the English speaking world.

A few days ago one stumbled on a 49 page English research paper on Korean tea. It is basically just a combination of English sources and at times is a bit repetitive. Don't know who compiled the info, by the looks of it a German, but it probably took a lot of work. See here for a link to this paper:

Happy reading.



Letizia said...

Thank's, I download the info about korean tea. It's very interesting.

Matt said...


Happy that you can get something out of all that information!


Cho Hak said...

Thanks Matt for this information. I've been corresponding with both David mason and Brother Anthony for some time. Both will meet with the 2011 Tea Tour that we are sponsoring for May 2012. If any of your followers are interested they can find more information at We'll be posting more information there very soon.

Matt said...

Cho Hak,

I just added your teas to the Updated List of Online English Vendors of Korean Tea:

Have noticed pictures of these fine gentlemen on your blog, Morning Crane Tea.