Sunday, October 23, 2011

Korean Tea Classics Book Club- Final Comments

Thanks to all who participated in the Korean Tea Classics Book Club. It was a learning experience for all. A special thanks to Steve Owyoung, one of the translators of the book, for his added and detailed commentary.
See here to bring up all the Korean book club posts for review/ reference.



Gingko said...

what's next?! :-D

Matt said...


Have thought about posting a few translated tea related poems by classic Korean tea masters? Perhaps one per month with discussion in the comment section?

Also have thought about doing a book club for the muchly anticipated Lu Yu's Book of Tea translated by Steve Owyoung- of course it still has not reached publication yet? Not one's specialty either, but a good opportunity to learn?

Thanks for your support and interest Gingko,


Anonymous said...

I'm still behind on the reading and comments, but will catch up. Thank you all! The combination of text, informed comment, and personal reactions has made this a resource and a pleasure.

Translations and Owyoung's book would both be great.

Matt said...


Don't feel obliged to leave commentary.

Just enjoy, and add something if it feels right.