Saturday, March 19, 2011

2010 Jagasilk Nirvana Matcha

This matcha was accepted as a gift upon last visit to Jarred and Miyuki's tea bar, Jagasilk. Unlike the previous matcha reviewed from Jagasilk (here and here), Nirvana is not made of organic tea but it still comes from the same area of Uji. This matcha is also a finer grade than their organic offerings. Its label says that it was stone ground on February 1, 2011. With trees blooming outside, let's prepare this fresh matcha in ceremony and see what it is all about...

The dry powder presents unpretentious florals upfront with very ethereal bread notes. The odour is nice and smooth. This powder is mindfully whisked up into a froth.

The prepared matcha is then consumed. Tastes of creamy almond, sweet in the mouth, with a broad grassy start are noted. Bread, yeast, and nut flavours are discerned from its body before turning slightly bitter, sweet, and tangy. Somewhat disperse green notes barely make their way through these tastes. The mouthfeel that results is light and soft.

An aftertaste forms with these sensations, sopped from this mouthfeel light honey and soft florals are detected. Minutes later the aftertaste evolves into more cereal, doughy tastes.

The qi of this tea makes ones body feel light and free, the limbs feel like clouds, the head a floating balloon. Ones mind sharpens then gives in to the peace.

Drinking tea, taking in with it the land, nature, the people. So with them, one drinks their tea in solidarity.


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