Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Potter's Zen from Chon (Cheon) Han Bong- Korea's Intangible Cultural Asset In Pottery

While preparing an upcoming post on a Sam Do Style Tea Bowl by Master Potter Chon Han Bong one came across a video that captures the essence of Korean pottery. It features Korea's designated Master of Ceramics, Chon Han Bong firing pottery and offering words that only a master could.

Here is a link to a blog that offers a word-for-word English transcription of the video as well as the Korean video in its entirety (yes, a full view that isn't cropped off). To watch this master in action strikes at the core of Korea's Way of Tea.




LTPR said...

I always welcome more posts like this on the Master's Craft (be it pottery, poetry, tea, anything). Thank you.

Matt said...


Glad you enjoy. Keep pulling those radishes.


Arthur K. J. Park said...

I am delighted to find this video on Master Chan Han Bong. Over the last several years we have come to know him quite well. We will be visiting him and other great tea ware masters on our Tea Tour Korea tour this spring. I'll mention your blog to him. Incidentally there are a couple of spots left on that tour. Just Google Tea Tour Korea. Brother Anthony and Hong Kyeong-hee will be joining us as well as we explore several tea areas and try to get to the heart of some of Korea's fine teas and tea wares.

Matt said...


Thought that you had written a piece on Chon Han Bong on Morning Crane Tea blog, but there is just a picture on him:

Best of luck on organizing this years Korean Tea Tour.


A Student Of Tea said...

Matt, would you mind to look at some pictures of a pot that I got from a flea market, I wonder if it might be korean. Can I e-mail you?


Matt said...


Sent you an email yesterday.