Monday, November 1, 2010

Dao Tea Tasting Event: 2009 Kim Jong Yeol Hwagae Valley Seajak Green Tea

This tea was included in the sample package merely for comparison purposes as Dao Tea only keeps a fresh stock of saejak. Here is a post of this tea when it was a lot more fresh.

Link To Adam's (The Sip Tip) Tasting Notes



M said...

I think this tea had a little more to it than the 2009 Kim Shin Ho Sejak, but it was still clearly faded.

The dry leaf reminded me of a bakery on the seashore. I may have already used this description but it seems to be a common theme for me with the Sejaks.

The first infusion was enjoyable with a nice mouthfeel and a full umami flavor that is especially noticeable on the sides of the tongue. There is very little aroma coming from the cup.

Second infusion and up seemed like the tea had already given up its goodies. The subtle high notes disappeared and the flavor seemed to mainly dwell in the back and sides of the tongue.

Still, for something green that is over a year old this is pretty enjoyable and different. I appreciate the opportunity to taste it.

David said...

I enjoyed this Sejak very much. I didn't think a 2009 green could be this aromatic to be frank.

I found what I call "cooked apricot skin" notes, along with more salty ones (seaweed) which appeared more strongly with the passing infusions.

Quite different from a chinese green although playing in the same court. A very good tea that definitively motivates me to dig deeper into korean greens.