Monday, August 11, 2008

Pak Ji Style Cha Hang A Ree by Lee Kang Hyo

This style of Buncheong, Pak Ji style, requires a lot of time, energy, and a steady hand to produce. With that said, Pak Ji style is quite difficult to master.

First a thick white ceramic coating covers all the dark clay underneath. Then the outlines of the pictures are etched into the white coating. After which the white glaze is scraped away, removing the white coating in some areas to reveal the dark clay underneath. Transparent glaze is then applied and it is fired in the kiln.

This Cha Hang A Ree (large tea storage container) by Lee Kang Hyo is a superb example of this style. The mountain scene that wraps around the container uninterrupted conveys a sense of peace, harmony, and beauty. The careful etching lifts the figures out in such a careful and gentle manner like life peering through the misty air of the mountain. What a wonderful place to store tea.



toki said...

Puncheong style from Chosun period is one of my favorite Korean work of art. In Samsung Museum, Seoul, there is a Moon Vase which have a dragon Puncheong (etching) onto it. Which still inspire my work to this day : )

Thanks for sharing such beautiful technique - Toki

Matt said...


Saw a picture of that jar before, quite beautiful.


Brittiny said...


... is all I can say. That is an amazing piece!

Thanks for posting pictures of it! :)

geneviève meylan said...

I wonder : all these ceramists you known ! you are visiting them to talk to and learn abaout their way of making ??
thanks for all : I can known a little bit more about them, their work and your culture too .It is great !

Matt said...


Nice to hear from you. Glad you like this cha hang a ree.


The information on ceramics mainly comes from the owners and workers of the stores that sell ceramics, tea masters, collectors, and those with university degrees in the art of tea (either bachelors, masters, or PhDs), but usually not from the ceramicists themselves. It is an accumulation of knowledge, knowledge that pools in this blog for those who care to experience it.


geneviève meylan said...

Thanks for your informations !