Friday, May 9, 2008

Abundant Tea, Abundant Mind

Tea is a food.
Tea is a beverage.
Tea is a medicine.

In the abundant wild tea fields that line the misty mountain valleys of Jiri Mountains this time of year, tea flourishes. While in season, the bright youthful exuberance of tea is abound.

It hides in all foods, adding flavour, giving it energy. Its fresh, sweet, green tasty leaves hide on beefy steaks, amongst leafy salads, and atop of ones simple, store bought instant noodles.

It's almost mind boggling how much tea can be seen around town. Its uses seem as endless as its abundance.

When injuries occur in the seclusion of the mountain valley tea is used to heal. Tea heals both mind and body.

One witnessed its medicinal use. A scratched arm in the tea fields, a burned arm on the hot cauldron used for heat treating the tea, tea sooths all ailments as fresh young leaves are pounded into a paste and then hastily applied to the wound.

One must always remember that tea is not just a tasty drink.

Tea is tea.

Using tea only for a beverage restricts tea, restricting ones mind.

How do you use tea?


Hobbes said...

Great post.

How do I use tea?

Comforter on a cold evening.
Mind-sharpener when my wits are dull.
Aid to meditation.
Tonic for a healthy mind and body.

Most of all, a backdrop with which to spend some quiet time with those I love.



Michel said...

Mindfull post.

I use tea to wash my babies eyes with, and often can't help rubbing my face with it after I have just fillled my Kyusu with Fukamushi.

I make bread with raw Pu ehr, pesto with baozhong, I've had many o dream sleaping on some purple pu ehr bricks.
Used the spent leaves to sculpt.

I has eradicated much of my youthfull vices (haschish, cigarettes, coffe) and has turned tai chi, meditation and work into a pleasure rather than a chore!