Friday, March 10, 2023

2013 BaoHongYinJi Wanggong: Excellent Wanggong!

These next series of posts features BaoHongYinJi Spring Wanggong vertical Sample set purchased from Liquid Proust.  I was super impressed by these Wanggong some of the best I’ve tried from the region with excellent storage on them.

Dry leaves have a sweet fruity floral woody odour.

First infusion has a light fresh sweet floral and pear fruit onset.  Light sugar finish in the mouth with a very pure and clean profile.  Mouthfeel has a bit of oily taste feels light and fluffy with a bit of throat deep stimulation and salivation.  Peaceful feeling this early in the morning.

Second infusion cooled down has a woody sweet cereal grains taste with a deep throat opening and faint sugar finish.  The taste here surprised me a bit compared to the first infusion.  Peaceful Qi sensations.

Third infusion has a sour fruity taste with oily splash of tastes.  There is some cereal grains taste and some astringency underneath.  The mouthfeeling is a bit pulling and tight the throat feeling goes deep into the throat and tugs at it slightly with some mild saliva producing.  Strong floating spaced out body and mind feeling takes hold.

Fourth is left to cool and has a sweet cookie dough taste that is really nice- bready, sweet, but some coco in there as well with lots of mouthwatering finish.  Nice peaceful Qi wraps around me.

Fifth is also left to cool and gives off a milky bready cookie dough taste with subtle coco finish and creamy sweet aftertaste.  Nice peaceful Qi slight spaced out feeling of body floating.

6th is left to cool and gives off a fruity caramel coco onset with long creamy sweetness.  There is a dep throat sensation with a creamy cool coco taste.  Nice peaceful and slight floating spaciness. The mouthfeeling is soft but full.

7th infusion has a fruity creamy coco taste with a long candy like creamy coco finish.  The mouthfeeling is a soft slight lubricating chalkyiness that goes down the throat. Strong spacey Qi with some body floating.

8th is left to cool and has a woody coco bitterness with a juicy oily fruity lingering sweetness in the aftertaste.  Nice Qi feeling of peaceful floating.  

9th infusion has a bitter of bitter coco but nice oily fruity tastes as well long creamy sweet fruity finish with creamy sweet and slightly bitter coco. Beautiful spacy euphoria with body lightness and chest expanding happiness.

10th has a bitter coco woody creamy oily sweetness.  Very nice creamy sweet taste and bitter coco balance with strong mind-body transforming Qi.  Nice chalky smooth full coating and deeper throat opening.

11th has a coco bitter creamy sweet oily taste nice coco creamy and sweet balance no dry woody tastes just the good stuff!  Chalky mouthfeeling. 

12th has a bitter sweet cherry fruity taste thick and oily in the mouth nice cooling with oily saliva returning in a chalky silty mouthfeeling.  Strong Spacy but happy lively feeling.  Limbs light and floating.

13th is steeped out the following day… it has a fruity mellow watery vibe…

Its time for the mug steeping of spent leaves…

Nice strong classic Wanggong Qi experience here with strong mind-body transforming spacy Qi sensations over fruity sweet and long coco bitter tastes- a very good Wanggong.


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