Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On The Road Again...

When you are wondering on the road, you can feel the weight of your spirit. It's a chance to take a good look at your real self and to see what and how you're doing. So traveling is much more than just a kind of hobby or interest. It's an opportunity to seriously put yourself back in order and to find new meaning in life. And it's a great way to practice for when you're getting ready to leave this world.

One will be traveling here and there throughout the next month or so. Expect the blog posts to continue in about a months time.

Until then...



steve said...


I look forward to your posts about the trip and your further experiences in tea. Have a safe and fruitful journey.


Matt said...


Thanks Steve. Got at least a few tea related stories already.



Anonymous said...

Puerh is the tea of travelers and warriors.

Matt said...


Brought some of that.


LTPR said...

I imagine (and hope) you must be up in the mountains yourself, or perhaps staying near the water, steeping and unfolding yourself in the pervasive quiet :) (or maybe I've just been reading too many books by monks!) Where ever you are I hope it's full of richness and enjoyment.

Matt said...


Hahaha... you have definitely been reading too many books on monks.

Thanks for the peace though.