Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Petr Novák said...

That is buaty!

Matt, you should enunciate prize competition: "lets gues what a tea is in the cup" (I can offer the prize:)

Matt said...


Anyone who can guess what tea is in the cup wins!!!

Thanks Petr for offering the prize, your new blog is a real treat.


Michal Tallo said...

My guess would be some aged Sheng - especially when comparing the picture to this post Matt published not so long ago:

(Merry Christmas, by the way ;-)

Matt said...

Michal Tallo,

Too easy...

Let's make it a bit more challenging:

Closest mountain, year, storage location, and/or specific wins.

Merry Christmas to you as well clever Michal!


Michal Tallo said...

To me, it seems like the same tea as in the post - "1980s Sheng Fangcha" - but, rarely drinking aged puerh, I can hardly say.
I guess I will leave the guessing on bigger puerh enthusiasts ;-)

Petr Novák said...

So the chalege was accepted- that is nice.

For now the price is here: If answer till New Year's Eve will be any closer the prize is going to grow:) Matt, Are you ok with that like this?

Anonymous said...

Matt Happy Holidays, In 2011 taste the tea in good health and prosperity.

wojtekitek said...

Michal Tallo propabily has right!
Maybe it's 1980s Sheng Fangcha from Nada stored in buncheong style Kim Jeong Soo jar.

Or... Fo Shou from Wuyi Mountains?

But you, Matt, usually use this white tea cup for Pu-erh's :)

It's my first post here, but I'm watching your blog for more than year. I really appreciate your works.

Happy New Year my tea friends!

toki said...

its a high fired young Wuyi...
hmmm... thats too easy : P
Happy New Year, my friend! ~ T

Matt said...


You're right this cup is pretty much only used for puerh.

Thanks for finally commenting so kindly. Feel free to add your thoughts at anytime.


Happy New Year to you and your's as well!

High fired young Wuyi...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll take a stand ... I went along with the asumption that due to the cup this should be a pu erh and went through posts with this lable ... Aaron Fisher's mystery sample would fit the colour well, but it has no year, origin ...
I'll go for this one:
2001 from Winan Mountain

Happy New Year, Matt and all blog readers!


Cloudmountain said...


Petr Novák said...

Hi Matt,

I am back from our New Year trip to mountains so please tell us, Who is the winner?

My responce could be something like... there isn't cup
how we can ask what is in it?
we can see only rain in fall mountains...

Matt said...


The answer to what tea is in the cup:

While first one must say that this post was initially supposed to reflect a meditation, a reflection, a slowing down that only a deep session with tea can achieve. This is very much needed this busy time of year. This post was to purvey a sense of presence, something beyond a certain type of tea, a mountain, a year. In this spirit, Cloudmountain would have the closest guess.

What actual tea is in the cup is 1997 Heng Li Chang Bulang from Essence of tea. This sheng puerh was stored in Taiwan and is an excellent cake. In this matter of fact way of looking at it, Martin would be closest.

Then again, there is always Michal Tallo who was the first to guess that it was sheng puerh.

So Petr, who do you think should receive the prize Cloudmountain, Martin, or Michal Tallo?


Petr Novák said...

Matt, you don't make it easy to me:) Anyway I think Michal Tallo is the winner. He was the first guessing that it is a sheng, both are from Nada (the essence of tea), and was the first who join the game. Also Martin as well as Cloudmountain were after deadline (New Year's Eve)

So congratulation Michal! The porcelain cup with white snake skin glaze is your. Hope you will like it.

Happy tea experiences in 2011 to all.

Matt said...


Agreed, Michal Tallo did nail it right off the start! He is the winner!

Thanks Petr for donating the prize and having a bit of fun.

Congrats Michal Tallo.


Michal Tallo said...

Haha... I just want to add that when I've first read Cloudmountain's comment, my immediate thought was "Enlightenment, he/she is right. How simple it is"
Because that seems more accurate to me than any other guess, accurate for any cup of good tea and the experience of enjoying it.

Then, thanks Petr and Matt, for the beautiful cup and for a bit of fun with this competition ;-)