Thursday, August 22, 2013

China Chadao Event: Gamma (2013 Douji "Hong Da Dou")‏

This is the third tasting of Hobbes' China Chadao Event.  Dry med-large leaves give off a sweet mint and melon like odour with some fresh pungent notes appearing later.

First infusions gives off a creamy-sweet almost corn pop initial taste backed by a thick creamy mouthfeel which swells in the mid-throat as saliva pools their. This taste develops a pungent edge and coolness in the throat. A large amounts of saliva fill the throat even feeling like reaching the deeper areas of the throat.

Second has a fuller, heavier initial taste which is still somewhat creamy and sweet but also thick and full taste. The mouthfeel is quite full in the mouth and deep in the throat. The taste finishes with a menthol aftertaste in the throat then to a mellow fruity taste in mouth. It evolves nicely throughout the profile.

Third a thick creamy, sweetness greets the mouth and turns into a strong menthol on the breath then fades again to faint creamy and distinct heavy fruit tastes. The mouthfeel becomes heavier and thick in the mouth while the throat is still stimulated but not as strongly as before. The cool sensation still lingers in the throat. The qi of this tea is mainly felt in the head, as it distends lightly under the influence of this tea. It is mildly reactive in the guts as well. The shoulders feel lightened by the effects of this tea.

Fourth the taste has mellowed out a bit now with a somewhat heavy but indistinct initial taste that slowly turns into heavier fruit tastes. A cool menthol is left in the mouth. The mouthfeel is slightly drier now.

*** left the leaves in the pot overnight as something came up...

Returning to the leaves in the morning a thick, bitter, heavy fruit tastes is left now- not representative of the tea for sure.

Was meaning to try this tea again uninterrupted but that didn't happen. So we will just leave it here.

Guess: ???
Actual: 2013 Hong Da Dou


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