Wednesday, August 21, 2013

China Chadao Event: Beta (2013 Douji "Hong Shang Dou")

This is the second mystery sample from the China Chadao Event.

Deep, penetrating raw pungent notes are observed deep into the sinuses. The smell is strong and vibrant, a deep rain forest odour.

First pot delivers an initial taste of foresty, mushroomy, slightly smokey tastes. There is an almost unnoticeable honey sweetness that skates underneath. A slightly smoky aftertaste covers most tastes. A light slightly expansive mouthfeel is felt in the throat and mouth dipping down to the mid throat.

The second infusion gives off a thick-strong smokey taste mixed with deeper forest notes. There is a flash of sweeter high notes that are suppressed under these heavier tastes a appear just briefly. The mouthfeel is thick- mainly sticky and the mouthfeel is slightly opening with the mid throat being slightly stimulated here. There is slight menthol taste is left in the throat among smokey overtones. Qi is medium-strongish feeling the chest open and the mind calm, this tea offers a nice balance.

The third pot offers thick softly bitter smokey tastes. There are suppressed suggestions of melon sweetness underneath that fade quickly. A slight rubbery, then sweet pea-like tasting aftertaste is left in the mouth along with a thick mouthfeel and upper throatfeel. Minutes later some hardly recognizable sweet notes pop up in the overall heavy-smoky taste. The menthol taste in the throat is very faint, almost unrecognizable now. The raw qi of this very fresh cake beats slightly at the digestive system.

The fourth infusion begins with a deeper, smokier, heavier taste but then starts to reveal a slightly coco sweetness. This muted sweetness evolves into a slight melon taste to it as it lingers late into the aftertaste. The heavier, smokey taste drops off earlier now leaving more room to discover some muted sweet melon tastes. (This infusion reminds one of Bu Lang but different somehow)

The fifth infusion much the same as above. Now almost sugary sweetness left in the mouth. Mouthfeel still remains full and the upper and mid throat opens under a light menthol taste. The sweetness is much more pronounced in the fifth infusion and lingers for minutes on the breath, much less impeded by heavier, smothering tastes encountered earlier.

The sixth and seventh infusion delivers a coco robust taste initially with hints of hidden fruit. The fruit taste has a barely creamy edge to it. The taste is mainly thick and deep with a touch of sweetness bringing it closer to balance. The mouthfeel and throatfeel are full with just a bit of astringency to it.

Eighth infusion is a muted fruity slightly bitter tea experience with deeper fruit tastes playing out in the mouth and aftertaste. The ninth infusion starts more with that coco deep taste then fades to fruit.

Tenth is more light and not so sweet fruity notes more showing up now still full mouthfeel.

Guess: Hong Da Dou
Actual: Hong Shang Dou


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