Monday, June 17, 2024

Dry Storage: 1997 Menghai Red Ribbon & 2007 Youle Old Tree Maocha (Dry Storage Gentlemen)

I picked up a few of these Taiwanese dry storage puerh from because I wanted to see what this dry storage source, the Dry Storage Gentlemen was like.  I enjoyed extensively sampling Mr.Chen’s dry storage and (Old Man) Daniel’s hot/dry sstorage from this is another source I am interested in.  I sampled these two back to back…

1997 Menghai Red Ribbon (Dry Storage Gentlemen) goes for approx $356.00 for 357g cake or $1.00/g.

Dry leaves have a paper odour to them.

Rinsed leaves have a peat odour to them.

First infusion has a dusty sweet fruity taste.  There is a dusty paper taste with soft faint wood and slight fruity taste.  Mouthfeel is a touch dry with cooling throat.

Second has a dusty paper base with a soft mild sweet taste with woodsy bark notes underneath.  Slight talc powdery.   Cooled down it is more rounded sweet melon.  Faint dry feeling in mouth. Mild qi feelings.

Third infusion has a mineral sweet woody talc taste. Mild Qi feeling and mouthfeeling.

Fouth has more rich peat earthy mineral talc notes.  Almond chocolate taste.  Mild qi with soft mild dry mouthfeel.

Fifth is left to cool and has a mineral dusty talc sweet taste.  The sweetness is almost a sweet melon.  Slight throat coolness and mild dryness.

Sixth infusion has a woody rich earthy taste.  There is a nutty almost caramel peat sweet taste.  Mild Qi, cooling throat and mouthdriness.

Seventh has a mild woody dry dusty taste almost mushroom and almond tastes with dry peat but sweet overall with slight dry throaty. Mild relaxing.

Eighth is a bit sweet woody dust peat tastes.  Mild tastes.

Ninth has a mild sweet woody peat mushroom dusty. It has an overall mild watery sweet taste, mushroom and almond and dirt/peat.  Mild dry mouth. Mild sleepy relaxing.

10th has a woody sweet almost mushrooms overall sweet taste. Mild dry mouth and faint cooling throat.  

Overnight infusion has a medical woody sweet taste.  There is mild cooling camphor and sweet finish.  Some dry silty chalky tastes.  

2007 Youle Old Tree (Dry Storage Gentlemen) maocha is currently sold out.

Dry leaves have a sweet creamy sweet woody odour.

Rinsed leaves smell of peat roasted nutty almost floral.

First infusion has a roasted faintly bitter nutty pistachios shells sunflower seeds taste pretty savoury flavoured. Long sweet creamy finish.  Unique tastes.

Second infusion has a bitter-sweet sunflower seed tasty a bit roasty.  The mouthfeel is a silty slight chalky full feeling.  Spacy qi feeling.  Long candy creamy sweet finish minutes long. Interesting and satisfying.  Chest pressure and heavy shoulders bodyfeeling.

Third infusion has a sunflower seed onset there is a roasted nut/seed taste and full silty almost dry feeling.  Spaced out Qi with heart out of body chest feeling heavy limbs.  Strong quality qi. Slight creamy sweet minutes lkk ok my aftertaste along with some bitter roasted seeds.  Very satisfying unique taste.  Tastes more like Pasha than Youle producing area.

Fourth infusion is left to cool and has a creamy roasted seed sweet bitter taste.  Long creamy sweet candy and bitter seed finish with full silty almost dry mouth. Chest heart Qi with heavy shoulders and light arms and spaced out mind offers a nice qi experience.

Fifth offers a bitter seed sweet coco roasted nutty taste.  Mouthfeel is more dry slight gripping.  Has a dirt coco bitter seed taste throughout now. Strong Qi if lifting heart and chest/ shoulder heavy.  Spaced out feeling.  Numb face.

I come back to the pot the next day and continue flash steeping…. 6th is left to cool… and is a dusty woody slight sweet almost cloak with a clear sweet aftertaste.  Slight dry gums and tongue and heart opening Qi with slight energetic spacy.

7th is a dusty dry mouth sweetness. There is done floral pure sweet finish.  Some butter up honey.  Finished with sunflower seed shells.  Big qi feeling in body with Heart pulling out and limbs and shoulder heavy with Heart palpitations.  Spacy feel.

8th is left to cool and has a sunflower seed shell taste bitter not that sweet a bit peat dirt coco.  

Overnight infusion is a watery sweet wood and salty bland  almond.  Soft silty taste. Sort pond not that fruity unique but very satisfying taste.  I like how unique this Youle is!


Saturday, June 15, 2024

1990s and 1980s Mr. Li’s Shou


I got these complimentary samples from  It was an unseasonably cool June day and I was looking for warmth… and I found it with these nice shu samples!

1990s Mr. Li’s Shu 

Dry leaf has a milky nutty Traditional Hongkong storage odour.

Rinsed leaves have a wet fermented slight milky odour.  

First infusion has a woody milky taste with nutty minerals finish.  Soft of sweet mineral plum/honey faint taste.

Second has a honey woody taste.  Cooled down it’s a creamy mineral honey taste.  The honey sweetness is unique in Shu puerh and I really enjoy the taste.

Third infusion has a prune mineral sweet taste has a sweet light feeling to it medium viscous.  Nice smooth mouthfeel as well. Relaxing warming Qi.

Fourth infusion was left to cool and has a honey woody smooth sweet taste. Some faint milk and nut tastes but smooth and moderately lighter feeling tastes for a shu. Relaxing warmth.

5th has a nut milk sort of sweetness slight woody and mineral.  Smooth taste and feel overall mild sweet. Mouthfeel is soft not oily or drying. Mild relaxing warmth.

6th has a woody sweet mineral smoothness.  Soft round taste is easy to drink and satisfying. Smooth relaxer.

The rest is put into long mug steepings… overnight it comes out… smooth coco sweet… this is a nice aged shu… smoother and sweeter than most with a moderate body.

1980s Mr. Li’s Shou Brick Nobel Heart goes for approx $305.00 for 250 g brick or $1.22/g.

Dry leaves have more musty mineral odours than 90s.

First infusion has a nutty dusty sweet taste.  Mouthfeel is neither oily nor dry.  Stronger Qi here with spacing out and sighing.  Pours a lot darker than the 90s which seems like lighter fermentation than this 80s.  This 80s has more pronounced Hongkong Storage notes.

Second has a thicker oily sweet milky with some clear almost cherry/ plum and ginseng tastes.  Nicely pure and sweet and vibrant oily taste.  Very delicious!  Qi is deeper in the chest and happy mind.  Strong chest thumping. Excellent Qi in here!

Third infusion is left to cool and has a sweet oily red ginseng taste.  Nice oily feel with Qi strength in the chest and upbeat mind. The sweet ginseng taste is really delicious and the Qi is powerful and astute.

Fourth infusion has a milky creamy oily onset with a sweet red ginseng taste.  Strong chest beats and chesty feeling is deep and strong. Mind spacy and happy and uplifted. Nice complete package with this one!

Fifth is a milky nutty woody fallen leaves less sweet but still strong chest beats Qi and energized mind.

6th has a woody milky nut taste.  Lone nutt and wood now but not any fermentation tastes just like the 90s ready pure tasting Shu puerh. Strong Qi.

Put the rest in a long mug steeping overnight it comes out smooth nutty oily with a sweet taste overall. Very satisfying!

Mr. Li has some really nice aged Shu with the 90s being a lighter fermentation shu and the 80s being a thicker more traditional Hongkong stored shu.  No off tastes, no dry mouth, nor any harsh elements to either…. A very good aged shu puerh experience for me!


Thursday, June 13, 2024

Teas We Like Old Gushu Comparison: 2004 Old Tree Bulang Single Origin

Teas We Like was selling this comparison sample of Early 2000s Old Tree Bulang Tasting Set for $108.00 for two 20g samples.  

Dry leaves smell of faint dry wood.

Rinsed leaves have a rich resin coco odour.

First infusion has an oily resin bitters onset with a tingling mouthfeel and dry lips.  Chest pounding qi feeling.  Strong uplifting qi with happy excited kind.  Soft salivating mouthfeel.

Second has a clear pure fruity vibrant sweetness with bitter silty undertones.  Somewhat grape and coco almost wine like with dry woody coco finish in the mouth. Big chesty Qi feeling with a spacy.

Third infusion has a vibrant coco bittersweet onset with a wine taste in the middle and coco bittersweet finish. There is a sweet wine raisin coco chocolate taste with lots of mouthwatering effects.  Wine and chocolate finish.  Gobs of saliva in throat. Qi has a happy euphoria to it makes me feel happy-high! Limbs heavy and light with slow strong chest beats.

4th infusion has a rich bitter sweet pop almost wine tasting mid profile with significant salivating and strong high feeling with light almost floating body.  Vibrant pop of sweetnesss with salivating.  Long coco finish with soft sandy silty mouthfeel with deep throat saliva blob.

5th has a vibrant fruity sweet bitterness with a wine like taste in the mid profile which turns into a delicious coco taste. The mouthfeel is soft and almost a bit tingling with a saliva producing effect and throat deep gob.  Very Big spacy high feeling with heavy neck and limbs slow chest beats.

6th infusion has a dirt bitter sweet onset with a wine mid and almost resin honey finish.  The mouthfeel is a bit more chalky and the bitterness goes down the throat.  Spacy high feeling is very very strong!  The bodyfeel of light jaw, floating numb face heavy neck and limbs is also strong!

7th has a juicy fruity bittersweet coco onset with a silty slippery bitterness the sweet coco taste slides deep into the throat where saliva gobs linger. Big spacy high euphoria with strong alternating heavy and light body sensations!  Chocolate finish in mouth.

8th has a bitter dirt woody ashy onset there is more bitterness here still saliva gobs deep in throat and coco finish but red wine nuance is dropped as well as fresh fruit and there is faint honey resin still.  Long chocolate finish.

9thhas a bitter sweet resin honey coco taste. Silty slight sandy mouthfeel.  Deep throat mot as much saliva producing but still long coco finish.  Big spacy high qi super strong with face, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest and limbs going different things.  Big high quality Qi here. Chest and kind expansion.

I leave the pot over night and come back to the leaves for a flash 10th infusion which is left to cool and is a sweet chalky sweet taste with a subtle coco bittersweet finish.  Nice full soft chalky mouthfeel and deeper throaty opening with long lingering chocolate taste.  Body feels all over with a spacy euphoria happy feeling.

11th has a sweet pop of fresh fruity almost wine like with a bitter sweet finish very vibrant with grape wine like taste. Wet mouthing feel to it with deep throaty feeling.

12th left to cool has a resin pop of vibrant sweetness and a coco chocolate finish with a bittersweet nuance.  Nice spacy mild happy euphoria still. Coco aftertaste chesty Qi and heavy and light sensations.

13 has a vibrant sweet fruity pop very vibrant and delicious with a mouthwatering coco finish.  Happy euphoria now with lots of bodyfeeling heavy shoulders and light limbs. Face light and numb brow heavy…. Lots going on.

14th has a fruity pop of vibrancy then fruity long chalky almost but not really bitter sweet coco.  Chalky silty mouthfeeling with not much mouthwatering.  Spacy happy euphoric Qi.  Lots of bodyfeeling. Slight mouth drying feeling.

15th has a fruity sweet and menthol dry woody resin onset with a mouth drying.  Chalky dry mouth not much sweetness. Slight bittersweet coco finish.

I put the rest into long mug steepings.., an hour later it’s has a thick oily viscus bitter sweet coco with a slight roasted nut and even mushroom taste.  Humongous Qi explodes through body and mind! Big chesty beats push the mind it’s a frenzied euphoria!

The overnight infusion of the spent leaves has a bitter sweet resin oily mouthwatering onset with an oily and wet with mouthwatering.  I put it into another overnight steeping….

17th infusion has a smoke woody resin with wet mouth overall sweet and oily taste.  Nice sweet taste still. Strong Qi is still coming out of this one…

Maybe the best early era Gushu single origin I’ve ever sampled!!!!! The best! (Sorry the post on the blend stated this: This is very much a very high quality Lao Ban Zhang… probably the best I’ve ever tried!)

That comment was actually meant for this Single Origin.

In Oder of preference:

1- this single Origin

2- Nannou Gushu 

3- Bulang Blend


Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Teas We Like Old Gushu Comparison: 2004 Old Tree Bulang Blend

Teas We Like was selling this comparison sample of Early 2000s Old Tree Bulang Tasting Set for $108.00 for two 20g samples.  

The small dark and light dry looser leaves have a faint dry woody odour.

Rinsed leaves have a rich mild bitter smelling coco wood odour.

First infusion has a brassy metallic taste that evolves into a sweet almost fruity bitter sweet vibrant creamy caramel and almond nutty slight salty taste.  The mouthfeel is chalky silty and smooth.  Complex taste and flavour evolution.  Face breaks into a sweat.  Lots of strong warming heat!

Second left to cool is a vibrant brassy bitter sweet onset with two distinct phases but lots of evolution and complexity.  The return is a bit nutty caramel and coco creamy tingling mouthfeel with some mild good pucker.  Strong intense warming energy and upward surge!  

Third infusion has a brassy vibrant bitter sweet taste with caramel and a pop return of creamy sweet some salty taste and coco.  Nice clear taste complexity. Mouthfeel is smooth chalky slight good puckering tugging.  Warming and upward surging Qi.  

Fourth has a bitter coco dirt onset with mild dry bitter tongue feel and brassy creamy sweet. Strong heart pumping energy surges with uplifting energetics.

Fifth has a creamy coco milky brassy metalic sweet taste tongue tingling mouthfeeling with bitter sweet coco and dirt taste. Salivating effect.  Some tongue tugging bitterness.  Out of body feeling with strong heart beats and warming energy. Qi is almost overwhelming strong and I need to step away for a while…,

Sixth infusion is left to cool and is a brassy bitter sweet dirt creamy coco bitter pop.  Silty mouthfeel with a slight tongue tugging finish.  Salivating effect with very nice mouthfeel and warming energy.  Strong chest beats and out of body and mind feeling. Strong wave of energy.

Seventh infusion has a bitter sweet onset with a woody dirt and coco taste.  Mouthfeel creates saliva and has a bit of tugging tongue afterwards.  Big chest beats and energy surging in body and mind.

8th is quite sweet fruity almost pear with a coco finish and a dirt coco taste.  Returning sweetness is strong slight fruity and creamy fruity finish.  Slight tingling mouthfeel with chalky and slight oily feeling with faint tug and saliva.

9th has a woody bitters onset with a slight dry tongue tugging. Cooled downed some fruity sweet sort of pear fruits come out with a dry woody base.  Strong uplifting Qi… I’m going to be up late tonight!

The next day I return to the ninth infusion which was left in the cup and it comes off bitter oily woody dirt coco bitter.  There is a slight cool throat then returning bitter sweet more milk chocolate in the finish but quite bitter. There is a silty mouthfeel left behind with even some faint sweet fruity trying to break through. Qi continues to roll me with big chest beats and out of body heart pumps.

10th has a watery fruity taste with a cooling undertone and soft silty mouthfeel with very mild background bitterness.  Stil strong Qi sensations.

11th is left to cool and has a watery dirt woody slight bitter not that fruity taste with faint coco.  Mouthfeel is more thin sand. Qi still shakes me a bit.

12th is put into a long mug infusion and an hour later comes out as a very sweet tingling vibrant sweetness with a dry woody finish and ashy dry woody aftertaste.  Big chest beats and spacy waves of energy with limbs heavy and face and jaw numb!

The overnight infusion of spent leaves gives off a bittersweet taste onset with woody slight creamy chocolate there is a subtle metallic medicinal camphor cooling taste in the finish.  Mouthfeel is mildly dry and mildly tight especially on the tongue.   There is a strong chesty Qi with relaxing and exciting mild impacts on the nervous system.  Lots left so I put the leaves onto another overnight infusion…

14th overnight infusion of spent leaves has a nut shell saltiness and ashy woody taste.  Mainly salty savoury not real sweet or bitter.

A very very high quality Gushu blend!


Monday, June 10, 2024

Teas We Like Old Gushu Comparison: 2004 Nannou Gushu

There are still some of these 2004 Nannuo Gushu sample packs available at $75.00 for 20g sample…. For some of the best puerh I have ever tried, it’s worth it!

Small tightly compressed dry leaves have a woody cereal odour.

Rinsed leaves have a woody, plum, roasted odour.

First infusion is left to cool and gives off a watery clear sweet taste… to compressed… there is a mild return of sweet taste.

Second has a fruity perfume incense plum and pear sweetness clear pop.  Vibrant sweet fruit tastes with a subtle resin base vibrant and long pear taste.  Mouthfeel is chalky. Storage is a nice drier storage on this.  Subtle spacy feeling.

Third infusion has a woody perfume resin plum grape vibrant sweetness.  The cool infusion has a sweet perfume plum resin clear vibrant taste.  Calm spaced out mild feeling.

Fourth infusion has a resin and pear taste.  Very clear and vibrant with a lubricating and oily mouthfeel with chalky tongue and mouth finish.  Mild spacy and deep relaxed feeling.  

Fifth infusion has a fruity plum/ pear / loquat taste with a strong resin base oily and lubricating mouthfeel with chalky tongurme underneath amazing top notch mouthfeels here!  Spacy deep relaxing mind slowing calm.

Sixth infusion has a resin and plum onset with an oily lubricating mouthfeelng.  There is a chalky dry tongue and back of throat feeling.  Lingering sweet taste.  Slow strong heart beats and mind slowing deep relaxing.

Seventh infusion has a vibrant loquat, plum fruity taste with a woody resin background.  Lots of vibrant pure sweetness with present resin wood.  Amazing mouthfeel that lubricates oily feeling and has a chalky full feeling after and deep into the throat.  Mouthwatering with subtle coolness and sweet friity resin.  Big qi slow strong strength emanating from heart.  Euphoric calm.

8th has a vibrant sweet pear plum fresh pure fruity taste.  Mouthwatering oily salivating wet mouth with chalky tongue and mouth deep the air feeling.  The taste sort of just fades out but stays in the saliva and throat.  Big euphoria and chest opening feeling.

9th has a vibrant sweet fruit plum taste with a subtle dirt resin background mouthfeel starts to get more gripping but still also a bit oily and mouthwatering - big chest w qi with slow beats open heart and mind stopping euphoria. Best Nannuo Gushu for sure ++++++ long lingering fruity taste in saliva.

10th has a woody resin almost coco bittersweet taste with more gripping mouth and throat- nice mouthfeel evolution in the session.  Some fruits in the distance and saliva.  Big Wu Jie brow sweating.  

11th dry woody dirt resin with oily and dry gripping with fruits in the saliva becoming more dry woody dirt but still vibrant big Qi feels.  Subtle coco bittersweet and dry wood finish in the dry mouthfeel.

12th the flash steeped liquor is left to sit in the cup overnight.. it has a dirt woody slight sour and salty taste with some bitterness and cooling not that sweet more bitter, salty, sour… chalky mouthfeel.

13th is flash steeping and is a juicy fruity almost fruit juice pear and orange juice taste with sandy silty mouthfeel underneath.

14th is left to cool and gives off a pure pear orange fruity taste.  There is a chalky woody base with some creamy fruity sweetness in there as well.  

15th is left to cool woody dirt orange watery bitter sweet flavours.  Sandy sticky mouthfeeling with a bit of oily. Relaxing spacy.

16th is a long mug steeping and an hour later it has a woody dirt root veggies medically sweet taste.   Very sweet and oily viscus with slight bitterness but lots of complexity and deep Nannuo tastes.  Big chest beats.

The overnight infusion of spent leaves is a thick rich resin woody fruity almost orange and carrot sweet dirt. Very deep rich oily resinous taste and feel.  Overall still very sweet tasting with edges of bitterness. Still lots left in here so I put it for another overnight…

18th infusion comes out a watery dirt root veggie dry woody bitter sweetness.  

One of the best Gushu I have ever sampled and by far the best Nannou I have ever tired… what a gem! Try now!!!!


Top Gushus!!! Teas We Like Gushu Samples

 Hi there! Wow! I am just blown away by these three Gushu samples that were on sale at TeasWeLike.  These were by far the best samples I’ve tried all year.  Actually some of the best Gushu ever!  They are in order I sampled them…  2004 Nannou Gushu, Old Tree Bulang Blend, Old Tree Bulang Single Origin.  It was suggested that you sample them comparatively and so I did in back to back days… amazing and glorious days!  They all had what seemed like the same storage on them with approximately the same age.  

I hope TeasWeLike offer more of these high end limited sample packs.  I certainly spurs me into putting through a purchase. I had just finished sampling the whole 2004 Yang Qing Hao line (posts are coming!) and followed up with these to see how they compare to Yang Qing Hao and these were really quite a bit better than the Yang Qing Hao 2004s in every way…

Posts on these to follow…


Thursday, May 23, 2024

1999 Yang Qing Hao MiTsang: Yiwu Gushu Qi


I got this sample from Liquid Proust in 2020 and sampled it shortly after here… the prices on these 1999 YQH productions have actually gone down a little since I last published on them.  All of the Yang Qing Hao 1999 (MiTsang $200.00 for 500g brick or $0.40/g TsangMi $330.00 for 1KG brick or $0.33/g JinTuo $135.00 for 250g Jincha or $0.54/g) productions are made of the same materials and pressed in 2007 with aged maocha.

Dry leaves have a woody aged mulch odour. The rinse is sweet creamy woody Yiwu like odour.

Fist infusion has a watery woody creamy sweet taste.  Wet mouthfeel. 

Second infusion has a wet watery taste with creamy sweet woody.  Simple but undeniably YiWu.  Relaxing feel good a bit of arms limb lightness bodyfeeling.

Third is a creamy watery woody taste.  The mouthfeel is a bit tight cottony now.  Long cool breath with faint very faint sweet candy. Some warm brow and light limbs, deeper relaxing spacy mind slow. I sigh…. Slight almost ghostly tropical fruits.

Fourth infusion has a fruity dry woody pop with a creamy candy return and finish along with cooling creamy talc.  Face tingling arms limbs light. Warm brow.  Slight tight sticky mouthfeeling.

Fifth infusion left to cool is sweet woody incense bready sweetness cool breath with very faint candy cemreamy sweet.  Space relaxing qi. Limbs light face numb. Slight warm face.

Sixth infusion has a resin woody almost sour fallen leaf incense sweet creamy onset.  Chalky slight dry mouthfeel.  Creamy faint candy sweet finish.  Warm face and relaxed spacy qi with light limbs.

Seventh has a woody resin slight faint smoke incense with creamy sweet finish. Mouthfeel is becoming a bit drier and sticky. Squeaky gums.

Eighth has a woody leaf drier mouthfeel less sweet now but subtle. Slight cool finish with slight sweet taste. Bigger Spacy relaxing Qi with bodyfeel of numb face and light arms.

Ninth infusion has woody faint sweet taste.  Not much left in these flash infusions a bit cool and creamy sweetness. Strong deep Qi which swells the Heart and Chest now with face tingling and arms and limbs light.    

10th I put for a long mug steeping it comes off bitter woody leaf with a creamy slight medicinal camphor vegetal woody.  Strong deep Qi and bodyfeeling. Super strong Qi knocks me on my ass!

The overnight infusion is woody slight dirt but mainly sweet with a long sweet finish.  There is mainly a woody dirt almost bitter but a return of super faint candy returning.  Deep Qi sensation with chest opening face warming and limbs.

Has stronger bodyfeeling and deeper Qi feeling and quality than 2001 Naked Yiwu and 1999 Daye ZhengShan MYF Special Order which I sampled the days before this one.  The difference in storage when comparing thee is more profound because Yang Qing Hao has a more natural Taiwanese storage where the other two are dry stored.

Nice way to kick off the Yang Qing Hao 2024 Re-Taste Project. Even these 1999 Yang Qing Hao productions which are all, I believe pressed of the same materials. They all contain 1999 Yiwu Gushu maocha which was aged for 8 years before being pressed into 1Kg and 500g bricks, tuos, and jinchas in 2007.  The leaf has a tighter rolling processing than most Yang Qing Hao only few of their productions have a production of tighter rolled leaf the 2004 Yang Qing Hao Zhengcang is another that comes to mind. 

Overall a good value aged Yiwu option with a focus on Qi.