Monday, August 26, 2013

China Chadao Event: Epsilon (2013 Douji "Phoenix Tour")

This was the fifth cake from the China Chadao Event. Okay, so we know right away that this is a shu puerh right?

Its brown-black medium large leaves are contrasted by smaller rusty coloured furry leaves. It smells of a fishy-gamey-meaty stench.... Mmmmm... shu puerh.

The first infusion delivers a flat-smooth taste with very light mineral aftertaste. There is still a bit of very light meaty-gamey tastes in the background. The mouthfeel is very slight and mineral on the tongue. A soft coolness enters the throat.

The second infusion is still quite smooth with slight mineral taste but much more of a strong cool sensation in the throat. The gamey tastes have disappeared leaving a very vibrant cool menthol in the throat to be enjoyed.

The third infusion delivers with a slippery, mineral mouthfeel that is mainly on the tongue. It has a deep clean-meaty taste with a lingering cool throat feel. The qi of this tea is strong and induces palpitations, and darting rushing thoughts. The mind feels free, if not a bit edgy from this tea. Wanting to sleep tonight, this tea is left until tomorrow morning.

The fourth infusion prepared the next morning has a smooth mineral, barely fruity edge to in now. There is a slight barely noticeble creaminess then a very cool finish in the throat.

The fifth infusion is fairly flat and washed out now. It tastes of faint-flat dirt-mineral. Much of the cooling sensation in the mouth has left.

The sixth is flat and tastes of bland metallic earth.

Guess: 2012 "world peace" or "phoenix tour" shu?
Actual: 2012 Phoenix Tour


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