Tuesday, August 20, 2013

China Chadao Event: Alpha (2013 Douji "Xiangdou" Brick)‏

This is one of several puerh samples that was apart of The Half-Dipper's China Chadao Event. One had sampled Alpha- Delta months back before things got too busy with the move. They happen to be the only samples in the tasting even that one had managed to go though. Hopefully the other will get due attention in the coming days. For the next four days one will be posting the samples original unedited notes. The guess as to which cake/brick each sample was follows each post.  With a lot of experience with Douji cakes, the guesses were closer to the mark.

Small-mediumish dry leaves kick up a sour-pungent odour berry like odour. The smell of sour is noted. It has a meaty, sweet sour cherry smell to it. It also has a meaty-savory note as well.

The first infusion pours a clean green light green tinged soup which has a mild berry taste which softly expands into creamy-slightly metallic-mushroom like taste. It is not overly sweet but does carry a slightly creamy edge. The mouthfeel is fluffy and full, even expanding the upper throat. The taste is delicate. A very slightly fluffy aftertaste is left in the mouth that has just a slight creamy edge.

The second starts off quite sweet with a soft pungent tone underneath. The sweet drops off revealing a slight pungent taste. The taste is clear. The aftertaste is just an edge of sweetness. The mouthfeel is soft and fluffy now it develops a very slight coarseness on the tongue. The taste is somewhat simple but clean.

The third carries a muted pungent start with a heavy mouthfeel. There is a slight smokiness underneath. The sweet taste has a floral edge to it as it also lingers underneath and is more apparent in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is heavier now like a creamy-mud that is mainly on the tongue and mouth and up into the teeth.

A touch longer fourth infusion gives more of the same a blandish, slightly pungent, taste emerges. The sweet taste is creamy and fruity now and appears as the initial taste drops off. The mouthfeel is thick and muddy, slight gritty in the mouth. The upper throat is slightly simulated but most of the action is in the mouth.

The qi of this tea is mild, it opens the chest, and deeper breath is had. It is generally mild on the stomach and in the body. Ones head feels mildly lighter, ones mind, relaxed.

Fifth infusion delivers smooth muted sweet notes first with a slightly bland base taste. The sweet taste is not to strong and lasts a few minutes on the breath.

Sixth is a creamy, muted, bland taste. The mouthfeel is still quite satisfying with a thick muddy feeling in the mouth. A not so noticeable slightly sweet edge develops in the aftertaste.

Seventh light, juicy barely sweet initial taste has a bland base taste. There is not much left of this tea.

Eighth, is mainly bland with a very soft cinnamon spice knock to it. It has a bitter edge of sweetness as well. The mouthfeel remains as heavy as ever. There is hints of fruit in the aftertaste as well.

Guess= 2013 Xiangdou Brick
Actual= 2013 Xiangdou Brick


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