Monday, May 27, 2013

First 2013 Korean Teas Are Here!!!

The first Korean teas to arrive in North America come from no other than Sam of Good Green Tea. Until this year, most living in America had to wait until early June to have their pick of the fresh harvest. Last week Sam started offering the famous Jukro Saejak and his small batch sourced ZeDa Saejak for sale on his webpage. He is expecting a shipment of teas from SangKye and Hankook within the next week.

A few weeks ago Gabriel of Jiri Mountain Tea Company was the first English website to offer 2013 Korean tea. At that time he had offered a ujeon and a personally produced wild Jiri Mountain "rock tea". He has since added a saejak picked and traditionally produced by Park Yeong-Ok and Seo Gyeong-Saeng.

Expect posts on some of these teas sometime this week.



Bret said...

Hey! I got the exact same package in the mail yesterday.

Matt said...



Let's share some tasting notes!

Looking forward to your posts on these teas.


Sam Kim said...

Got mine last Friday :)

Matt said...

Sam Kim,

Will be following your blog for related posts.