Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Margaret's Hope FTGFOP 1 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea‏

This tea comes as another gifted sample from Lochan Tea. Like the Giddapahar SFTGFOP 1CH SPL and the Goomtee SFTGFOP 1 EX 2, this tea is also available from Tea Trekker.

This is The brightly coloured dry leaves give off bright sweet-lime high notes with a soft high piercing quality to them.

These leaves are steeped up and the inital taste is of strong, sweet, sugary high notes. There are pure mango tastes in there as well. The taste is light pure and vibrant. The mouthfeel is slick and makes the mouth salivate. The fruity notes stretch into the breath. Saliva pools in the mid throat.

The second steeping brings out more middle foresty-chalky notes that meld with muted mango fruity notes that appear more on the breath in the aftertaste. This tea has a nice harmonious tone to it.

The third pot is a creamy, smooth, very fruity-mango taste with creamy hits of nuts underneath. The creamy furity taste is very long and lingers on the breath even minutes later. There are faint floral notes that linger in the mix as well. The qi of this tea is just as smooth, undulating like a wave throughout the body.



LuLin said...

Those brewed tea leaves look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you steeped tea in Yi Xing teapot. Have you ever tried to brew Darjeeling in a Gaiwan? If so, any suggestions about water temperature, amount of leaves, and length of steeping times?

Matt said...


Yes they were delicious but not nearly as delicious as the dry leaves... MMMMmmmm ... Yummy... hahaha


Yep, learned it this way in Korea and brew it either this way or in a mug.

Darjeeling in a gaiwan comes out very nice, it is especially nice to pull all the high notes out.

If you use an yi xing pot, don't use as hot water. Wait off boil for a while and pour high.

Either way you usually only get 3-4 good steepings out of Darjeelings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matt. Grateful for your advice on quantity of tea, water temp (100C?), and steeping time for 90ml gaiwan

Matt said...


Don't use a thermometer, nor a timer. Don't know how big 90mL gaiwan is. hahaha...

One tends to use enough leaf to fill the pot 1/3-1/2 full after the leaves have fully expanded, the water is maybe? 80-90 Degrees, the infusions are approx 30s, 45sec, 70sec, 90sec with water temp getting progressively hotter.

Sometimes the first infusion is the most dynamic, most times the second infusion is the most exciting, occasionally the third infusion is the most interesting, never is the fourth infusion the best.