Saturday, May 25, 2013

2013 Dooteriah Estate FTGFOP 1CH First Flush Darjeeling Tea

Dooteriah Estate is located in the Darjeeling East producing area. For one reason or another this tea is not available for purchase on Lochan Tea's web page although they are the ones who gifted this sample.

The dry leaves smell of rich creamy mineral almost milky chocolate notes. This odour is mixed with smooth rolling subtly smooth floral high notes that are actually much more like more subdued medium notes in the mix.

The first pot reveals a smooth fruity taste with coco notes as low notes and distinct fruity banana and apricot fruity notes as higher notes. These tastes start to immediately turn a touch brackish in the mouth. The taste is a touch thin and watery but follow up with a crisp coco note which further thins into a muddled tropical fruity taste. The mouthfeel is a touch thin and is chalky in the front of the mouth and tongue.

The second pot reveals more brackish, muddled fruit in slightly bitter, slightly watery coco taste. The mouthfeel reaches into the upper throat, opening it. It is chalky and slightly dry in the mouth. There is a muddled coco aftertaste which lingers for a while on the breath. A slightly sweet fruit taste pops in and out of the aftertaste as well. The qi is very alerting, slapping at the mind and sputtering in the chest.

The third pot delivers a flat, bland, barely flavourful pot. Some coco tastes that are hidden under the bland-flat base taste along with some suggestions of fruit. Some clearer tropical fruit tastes come up in the aftertaste minutes later. The mouthfeel is sticky in the front of the mouth and a just touch dry in the back.



Anonymous said...

Hello Matt,

I see you are writing about darjeeling tea.

Would you like to receive darjeeling tea samples for review?


Matt said...

Mitko Ivanov,

This is the general rule with samples:

They are always enjoyed but not always posted.

If you are inclined please send them to:

Matt Norick
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