Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 Badamtam SFTGFOP 1 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea

Badamtam Estate is located in Darjeeling's West Area. It is the source of this sample gifted by Lochan Tea...

The dry leaves smell of musky, rich, pungent, foresty-deep fruity scents. There is a slight coco note that lingers in the many low notes of these leaves.

The first pot is steeped up and an initial tastes of soft, gentle, watery, creamy vague, maybe pear or papaya, fruits linger softly in the mouth. These tastes slowly evolve into soft creamy, smooth deep forest and slight coco tastes. The mouthfeel is smooth here too. It has a very quite roundness about it in the mouth and is mainly felt on the tongue.

The second infusion has an initial taste is once again very smooth and quiet with some creamy fruity notes that meld with a soft creamy bitterness. The notes of these tea are deep but harmonious, showing no high note range but rather a continuous, very simple, deeper fruity measure of taste. The mouthfeel has become more coarse in the mouth and tugs at the mid-throat, drying it slightly. An aftertaste develops of slightly bitter, wood and coco.

The third infusion is now intermixed with almost creamy foresty-coco bitter notes with the arrival of simple fruity notes later in the profile. The fruity notes are flat and intermingle with a wood taste.


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