Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rusty, Oxidized Tea Jar By Kim Kyoung Soo

This small tea caddy by Kim Kyong Soo is typical of his style. It has a brown, oxidized, rustic look and feel that permeates the mind.

Picking up the small tea jar, removing the lid, and mindfully scooping tea from the inside with a modest bamboo scoop is like embracing the rust in our mind.

Everyone's mind has rust- it is only natural.

Placing the lid back on and placing this jar down, is like acknowledging that what is, not dwelling on it, but putting it aside even if just for the duration of a tea session.

The engraved calligraphy is beautiful and picks up the darkness in the dim tea room. One doesn't know what it says but understands the unspoken essence of this tea jar.



Chris C. said...

Hi Matt -- How big is this jar? Also, does it just have one lid or is there a smaller interior one as well?

Matt said...


It is small, 50 grams of tea leaves fills it up. It's really much more a tea caddy than it is a tea storage jar. It has just the one lid shown.

Small but mighty.