Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In a Few Weeks From Now a Much Anticipated Event Will Take Place on Canada's West Coast...

No its not the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, its Victoria's 4th Annual Tea Festival!

In celebration of this event one is going to be featuring a few posts on some of the local tea heavy weights in Victoria throughout the coming weeks.



Petr Novák said...

It looks tempting. But this year air tickets are too expensive because of Olypics.
But this kind of event will be certainly good ecxuse for traveling and discovering in the future.

Matt said...


Excuses to travel are the best kind of excuses.



RTea said...

Nice! Please let us know more about the Victoria teahouses and your experiences at the tea festival.

I'm lucky to be able to go to the other big event in West Canada for a few days; we'll trade stories over some good tea soon.


Matt said...


Lucky you. One will have at least a few posts on the tea festival and tea scene here in Victoria.

If fate has it, we will meet soon over tea.

Have fun at the Games.