Monday, September 29, 2008

Uh Sang Myung Vase and Buncheong Tea Bowl

This tea bowl is typical of Uh Sang Myung. Its look and feel radiates a soft natural grittiness.

The vase is dark black coated in a glossy glaze. This vase is three-legged like his famous tea pots.

What do you think of these beautiful works of art?


toki said...

This Buncheong tea bowl looks very similar to a Japanese tea bowl, beside the "Rice bowl" style. Specially the foot and the use of color.... looks more like modern Japanese teaware then traditional Korean?

There is a touch of fusion and modernism to it. my 2 cents- Toki

Matt said...


Yes, one can see that. Uh Sang Myung and Kim Kyoung Soo are two artists who are really creative. Using ideas and methods that incorporate the traditional with the modern, they really pull it off.

Your thoughts are always welcome.