Monday, September 8, 2008

Sample # 4 from Thomas at Tuo Cha Tea (Later found to be a 2007 Darjeeling Thurbo Oriental White First Flush)

Thomas generously sent four mystery samples. This sample is labeled #4. The dry leaves are partially crushed and exhibited both curled, hairy white buds, and smaller darker green unfurrowed leaves. This tea appeared to be a white tea.

It was prepared mindfully. The first infusion brings with it very lightsweet high notes, fresh, silky mouthfeel, and a quiet flavour of mint and fruit.

The second infusion caries a strong grape flavour, it tastes very sweet, almost artificial. Much like the purple grape bubble gum cubes that one can fetch in a pack at the corner store. This tea is candy. Its mouthfeel remains silky with just enough astringency to make it feel just right.
The third infusion is much of the same as the second. One is quite surprised that this tea lacks almost completely that green vegitalness that is found in almost very green tea, then again, this is most likely a white tea. The tea becomes thicker in the mouth, the flavour, grapier than ever.
The fourth infusion has tones of a deeper, mustier quality that is barely detected under its sweet candy body.

After the forth infusion one was interrupted and unfortunately couldn't get back to this tea (don't you hate it when that happens). This mystery tea could have probably taken a few more steepings, but, either way, it was enjoyed. Thank you Thomas for supplying one with such a flavourful delight.


Edit: One just did some snooping at Tuo Cha Tea and found this tea. It's a Darjeeling Thurbo Oriental White First Flush, one is sure that it is the one sampled above.

There was some discussion about the steeping parameters on Thomas' original post, but one was quite pleased with the result when using lot of leaf, water that was reduced to a low temperature (appox 80C), and short 30 sec to 40 sec infusions.

Peace Again (there's no such thing as too much peace :)


Tuo Cha Tea said...


those samples aren't mystery ones, there was a letter with tea names. Unfortunately, now I do not remember all of them by now...


Matt said...

The package was apparently opened by customs and the paper must have been misplaced in the commotion.

If you don't remember what they are then they are quite literaly 'mystery samples'