Monday, September 1, 2008

A Brazier by Shin Hyun Churl

This enormous brazier is fit for a large tea room.

Though its shape reflects the Japanese style, this brazier is made of thick, earthy clay. To the touch it feels as if the artist glued fine grit sand to its earthy brown body.

Inside the kettle the chun mok style is seen behind glossy sheen and smooth texture. This must have been done to accentuate and contrast it from the outer. The chun mok technique is characterized by yellowish-green blotches that overlap black.

This brazier's smooth shape and clean slopes coupled with its earthy colour and texture lends itself to a nice balance. Because of this, this brazier could easily make its way into the more elegant tea houses of Seoul, and yet still feel at home in the more natural decor of the south.

And, not to be forgotten, is the focal point and signature characteristic of Shin Hyun Churl's works, the blossoming lotus flower adorning the lid.



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