Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Uh Sang Myung's Three Legged Crows

These are three beautiful teapots by Uh Sang Myung. He names his teapots 'Three Legged Crows' after the three legged crow of Korean mythology, Samjoko. The Samjoko is often pictured in the works of the Goguryeo Period 37 BC- 668 AD and, being the most powerful creature in the land, it was thought to assert its power over the dragon and the phoenix. The Samjoko acted as a messenger between the gods and the people. It would transmit divine knowledge to the common people and, in turn, it would carry the prayers of the people to the gods. Drinking tea in these pots is truly a spiritual experience. Like the Samjoko connecting the people to the gods, these teapots connect the tea drinker to the tea.

The furthest pictured

The middle pictured

The nearest pictured

These beautiful pots are excellent examples of Korean craftsmanship. Besides the three legs that elegantly balance the pots, Uh Sang Myung's tea pots are also known for their knotted top, their split handle, and the amazingly fine grit clay and thin glaze that is so welcoming to the eyes and finger tips.



ginkgo said...

i like the glazing of these 3 tea pots and their shape too.
I would like to drink tea in one of them too.....

Tea Trekker said...

Hi Matt,

I recently discovered your blog and enjoy it very much. It proves to me how much there is to learn about Korean tea and tea culture and how interesting it all seems to be.

Is it possible to correspond off-line? I am the author of the tea book: The Story of Tea A Cultural History and Drinking Guide and I am working on another project which hopefully will entail travel to Korea.

There is much that I would like to talk with you about regarding tea. I also have sold fine tea for 35+ years and have a new tea website -www.TeaTrekker.com

If you are interested, please contact me at the following email address and I will correspond back with my questions. There are also some teas that you have mentioned that I would be interested in purchasing if possible.

Thanks !

Mary Lou

Matt said...


You have a fine eye for pottery. The glazing of these pieces is what truly makes them. Uh Sang Myung's works are known for their indescribable texture and renowned form, he does this all at unusually high firing temperatures. Pictures can't do these pieces any justice. If you ever get a chance to hold one in your hands, you will understand.

Mary Lou,

Send you an email. One is sure we'll have lots to talk about. Glad you enjoy this blog.


ginkgo said...

i would like it too ....to have one of this teapot in my hand ! to touch it, its weight and shape and to see the beauty of the volume and glaze.
Perhaps it can happens one time !