Sunday, February 9, 2014 2013 Manzhuan

This 2013 Manzhuan is the fourth kindly gifted sample from Peter...

Dry leaves smell of slight pungent notes with slight raspberry fruit and hay nuances. There is a undercurrent of slightly sweet, softly creamy berries.

The first infusion starts with a slightly sweet and creamy initial taste. There are soft suggestions of hay underneath. The sweet creamy taste is soft and stays throughout the whole profile of this tea. The mouthfeel is soft, fluffy, almost chalky in the mouth. The profile develops a very slight lime edge before disappearing back to soft sweet-creamy tastes. There is a mild coolness in the throat.

The second infusion presents with the initial taste of slightly bland, dry wood tastes. The once creamy-sweet nuances have been pushed to the end of the taste profile where they now contain obvious suggestions of strawberries. The mouthfeel is drying now and coats the whole mouth with a very subtle cool opening sensation in the mid throat.

The third infusion starts with a slight sour/bland taste. At the end of the profile a creamy barely sweet berry taste floats on top of the woody sour/blands. The mouthfeel is slightly dry and coarse. Only a slight coolness penetrates the throat at the end of the profile. There is a lime nuance that appears occasionally as well.

The fourth is a muted-creamy tasting initial presentation with bland woody tastes underneath. There is a lingering taste of bitter berries and sour lime in there as well. A slight creamy-sweetness paired with a muted dry wood lingers on the breath. The mouthfeel seems dry but stickier in the mouth. The slight cool throatfeel remains unchanged.

The fifth start with bland, slightly bitter, dry wood tastes. A woody lime starts to dominate then leaves a slight creamy-sweetness in the breath. Things are much the same here. Minutes later the creamy-sweet-berry taste is what is left on the breath.

The sixth is much the same but more bitter now. The tastes all kind of meld together when flanked by more bitter tastes.

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