Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pu-erh.sk 2013 Mansa

This is the second kindly gifted sample from Pu-erh.sk's 2013 production is from Mansa...

Dry leaves smell of mainly high noted sweet cherry and subtle woody-bark and hay odors.

The first infusion brings forth very pure sweet, cherry tastes with hints of spice and persimmon-apple. The tastes are very clear and crisp. They have a noticeable cool energy and offer a thin coating to the mouth and mainly noticed in the mid throat. There is a cool peppermint taste left in the throat.

The second infusion is a smooth creamy clean blend of fruity tastes such as banana and pineapples and has an interesting subtle spiciness underneath. The tastes are very clean. The mouthfeel is thin and mainly noticeable in the throat where a cool, tropical-fruity-menthol lingers.

The third infusion has a creamier edge now with a slight touch of caramel tones initially. Soft bananas and creamy tropical tastes emerge later. The taste remains light and cheerful.

The fourth is more watery with some empty space left between the light fruity tastes. The lack of any deeper base tastes to support the pure high fruity tastes becomes more obvious now. There is still a nice cool-fruity finish in the mouth. The banana taste stays minutes later.

The fifth carries a more simple slightly malty-caramel-tropical fruit taste. The mouthfeel remains thin but now slightly sandy on the tongue. The aftertaste is less cooling now. Still fruity aftertastes remain.

The sixth is much the same- even fainter spirit in this tea now.

Jakub's (T) Tasting Notes

Cajovy Kamen's Tasting Notes

Hobbes' (The Half-Dipper) Tasting Notes



Steph said...

What a fine gift!

Matt said...


Peter's gift of fine puerh samples is the perfect gift for any lover of puerh tea.

So why not share this gift of tea?