Friday, February 7, 2014 2013 Hekai

This 2013 Hekai sample was the third enjoyed from Peter's generous package..

Dry fatish leaves smell of subtle juicy notes mixed with soft faint creamy sweet hay odors.

The first infusion starts with a light-watery initial taste there are faint notes of spice and hay. The taste then ends in a clear dry wood-coco taste. All these tastes are very watered down, very muted in this first infusion. The mouthfeel is slightly sticky, drying, and rubbery in the mouth. I is most noticeable in the back of the mouth. There is a very faint wood-melon aftertaste. There is a barely sweet woody-coco taste throughout.

The second infusion has an initial taste of slight creamy-floral sweetness which vanishes fast to hay-dry woody tastes. The wood taste disappears quickly too leaving a modest creamy floral swell of taste in the mouth, subtle cherry. The wood tastes ebb and flow in and out. There is lots of push and pull between these taste polarities. A slightly tart cherry, a choke cherry, taste is left in the mouth minutes later. The mouthfeel is dry and is mainly experienced in the back mouth and even upper throat. There is a slight coolness there.

The third infusion has a slight sour/bitter initial taste followed by some slightly sweet cherry tastes. There is a faint wood profile under it all. The two tastes meld together and form one taste. The bitter/sour taste leads. There are slight wood-cherry fruit tastes in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel feels more chalky and slippery now and seems to stick to the mouth.

The fourth presents with juicy cherry notes and soft dry wood undertones with the bitter notes lingering more beneath this profile. It develops a chalky sweetness on the tongue. The initial taste becomes relatively more creamy and barely sweet throughout the profile. The qi of this tea is very focusing and clear and makes the mind crisp, limbs light, and body fluid.

The fifth has a watery-sweet bitter coco initial taste which turns into dry-wood and imparts a dry monthfeel and throatfeel. Minutes later some creamy-sweet cherry fruit taste tryst to break through but instead just lingers faintly in the breath.

The sixth infusion gives a watery, juicy, subtle creamy-cherry-fruit taste. The mouthfeel is noticeably drier now. The dry feel gives way to tart choke cherry tastes.

Returning to the pot hours later, the seventh infusion offers a watery barely sweet woody initial taste that is flaked by a wave of sweeter-bitter tastes. There is a woody, fruity, bitter finish.

The eighth is more bitter but much the same.

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