Saturday, October 1, 2011

Korean Tea Classics Book Club- Dong Cha Song- Hymn In Praise of Korean Tea- 16

"With one cup of Jade Flower, a breeze rises beneath my arms, my body grows light and I ascend to a state of supreme purity."

Feel free to join the online book club at anytime by simply purchasing Korean Tea Classics. Dong Cha Song is 17 stanzas in length, we will go through each stanza week by week. Jump in and join the discussion as you please.



Gabe Fife said...

Brother Anthony handed me one of his Korean Tea Classics Books and I lost it!!! I will have to check in to your blog to get my fix!

Matt said...

Gabe Fife,

Thanks for your continued interest.



Matt said...


Notes on stanza 16:

See here on commentary and translation of Lu Tong's Song Of Tea by Steve Owyoung:

and here:

"Jade Flower" is a name of green tea. Note how Cho'Ui just needs to drink one cup of tea to create the sensation Lu Tong derives from 7 bowls. Perhaps this is a statement on the quality of Korean teas and the importance of properly picking, processing, and preparing tea.