Friday, November 21, 2008

Shin Hyun Churl's Thatched Roof Tea Jars

Shin Hyun Chrul is quite famous for his tea jars. These two tea jars are called 'cho ga jib ho'. This name refers to a traditional Korean thatched roof commoners home or 'chogojib'. These 'chogojib' houses were the most basic of Korean houses with a simple layout and a roof that looked like the cap of a mushroom that was entirely plaited by the straw of rice.

The shape of these tea jars resemble the shape of these traditional houses. These 'cho go jib ho' also remind us of the modesty we must cultivate while drinking tea, an idea that comes from Korea's deep Confucius roots. An idea that permeates many aspects of Korea's current tea culture today.


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