Saturday, November 8, 2008

Song Ha's Golden Touch

These golden painted cups, teapots, and serving pots seem a bit out of place in one's tea room and even on this blog. They are such regal pieces. They would seem right at home in a large pompous tea room mysteriously darkened by low hanging eves. Surrounded by silk-framed coligraphy and a gold or silver kettle, how wonderfully would the dancing flame of a candle light flicker off these pieces?



Noah said...

they look pretty slick to me.
Very nice.

Karen said...

Exquisite. Good thing I don't own a home that I can mortgage.

ginkgo said...

cool ! a little "baroque" and crazy touch !wastly

Matt said...


Slick indeed. Thanks for stopping by.


Ha ha ha... (extra hardy chuckle because of the mortgage housing crisis in the USA)

Laughs aside, these cups are only painted gold, so its not as though they are that pricey.


The gold really gives these pieces a unique feel. Hummm... Baroque... never thought of that.


tsultrim topden said...
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tsultrim topden said...

i didnt like a gold at the teaware but this piece is aamazing ,.have anice rest of day ,.

Matt said...

tsultrum topden,

Your comment about the gold seems to reflect one's feelings as well.
Thanks for your thoughts.


tsultrim topden said...

probably looks so nice because thegold is inside in bowl,.that associate a hidden treasure or something like that ,thats my feeling from this piece ,. i am looking forward to my trip,.

Matt said...

tsultrim topded,

Wonderful... one never thought of that. Gold on the inside of the cup is a symbolic gesture, an offering to the tea... brilliant.

Where will you be traveling in Korea? If you are near Daegu let one know and we can meet for tea.

If you are just in Seoul be sure to check out the many tea shops that line Insa Dong.