Thursday, June 22, 2017

Which one is Ddok Cha? Which Is Puerh?

I was just long steeping both a 2008 Korean ddok cha and a 2007 Mengsong puerh when it occurred to me how similar they were.  In fact, the leaves look so familiar that I doubt you can tell the difference between them? Any guesses just for fun?

In that moment I had to think long and hard and actually sniffed them to tell them apart.  I definiately think even a seasoned puerh drinker could get tricked.  I thought that even the taste of ddok cha this aged resembles puerh and could even pass as puerh after many infusions.

I feel that the ddok cha is actually much better and complex tasting too.  However, there would be a huge price difference between the two so probably not a fair comparison but an interesting one.  Apples to oranges.



claudio said...

I have been following your blog for quite a while now - and I have been learning a lot! Thank you very much for all your contributions!

I happened across your blog in the search for some Ddok Cha. But so far my knowledge is only theoretical - I have not yet managed to locate any vendor (neither in Europe, where I am living, nor in Korea, where I have tried to unleash some friends...). Seeing yet another blog post of yours about Ddok Cha, I just *have* to ask - where and how to locate a vendor?! I'd be very grateful for any help in trying this tea! Thanks!

Matt said...

Hi Claudio,

Thanks for stopping by.

Arthur is selling coin style ddok cha this year in his group buy. Contact him ASAP and you might be able to sneak in on this year's order. The tea in this post is more similar to a puerh and is in a disk cake form.


Matt said...

No guesses?

Well the puerh is pictured on the left and the balhyo on the right.