Monday, May 8, 2017

The Minimalist Puerh Drinker's Dilemma

If there is one descriptor that people often pin on me, it is the term "minimalist".  I whole heartedly agree with them.  Even looking at this blog, it is very minimal in design and feel.  I keep a tight ship and I think I benefit greatly from the airy Zen of minimalism in my daily life.

The moto of the minimalist is "less is more".

However, is it truly possible to be an aged puerh drinker and be a minimalist?

Maybe not.

Do you know what the opposite of a minimalist is?  A maximalist. Their moto is "more is more".

According to Wikipedia, "it can refer to anything seen as excessive, overtly complex and "showy", providing redundant overkill in features and attachments, grossness in quantity and quality, or the tendency to add and accumulate to excess".

Does it sounds a lot like the stereotypical puerh collector?

I think a distinction has to be made between the terms "aged puerh collector" and "aged puerh drinker".

The former is a collector who sees his puerh world as a hobby and investment where the maximalist approach is probably ideal.  They may drink their aged puerh but chances are their collection will continue to grow.  Perhaps the puerh collector enjoys the acquisition of puerh more than the actual experience of drinking it.  At the extreme the puerh collector only collects it or uses it as an investment without even drinking their best stuff at all (see these post by Marshal'N and James).

The puerh maximalist and the puerh collector both see their puerh stash continue to grow and rarely drink up their good puerh.

On the other hand the aged puerh drinker is someone who enjoys the experience of drinking puerh but may dislike every other aspect that comes before and after that experience such as acquisition or storage. 

You could be both a collector and a drinker of aged puerh, of course.  But could you be just PUERLY an aged puerh drinker? 

What about an aged puerh drinking minimalist?


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