Sunday, April 23, 2017

The "NEW" MattCha's Blog Is A Puerh Blog!!! Ok?

Well my favourite tea is raw puerh cha of course!

It has always been (since well before the start of this blog at least).  All my tea friends and all the tea people I have ever been close to enjoy raw puerh much more than any other kind of tea.  I wonder what your favourite tea is?

When looking back at the posts on this blog the puerh posts are really overshadowed by the heavy Korean tea content.  In reality, I have drank much more puerh tea than Korean but you would probably never know it from reading this blog.  When going back through the blog I realized that I published more on samples and group tastings than my own purchases!  I guess I drink a lot of tea and you can't publish on everything else you would be posting daily and that's no fun at all!

The future of this blog will be puerh focused.  I hope to post more on what I buy, issues of puerh drinkers, and other original insights on puerh tea.  Don't worry, I will still post about Korean tea as well.  Since being out of the epicentre of Korean tea for so long, it seems natural to focus more on what I'm doing now and not as much what is going on thousands of miles away in Korea.

One of the first things I did to mark the shift to a puerh blog was go back to all the old puerh posts and tidy up the labels to reflect the vendor, factory, area, and town/mountain of the puerh.  Then I realized that the new mobile/ tablet version of Blogger doesn't even use these anymore.  You have to go to "view web version" to see them.  Does anyone even use labels anymore?

Anyhow.. So the upcoming posts are going to feature mainly puerh ... yay!


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